11 Things Only ‘Narcos’ Fans Understand, Like Your Sudden Love For Mustaches

Netflix’s latest hit Narcos intelligently weaves together the real life stories of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents who brought him down. With the complicated duality of its characters, fans have really admired the complexity of the show and latched onto it from the moment it premiered. Of course, despite the serious subject matter, with all fandoms come inside jokes and references, and this series is certainly no exception. In fact, there are plenty of things that only Narcos fans can understand.

While fans create gifs and compare and contrast the characters with the real life people they are based on, Narcos has brilliantly stayed in on the jokes with its social media accounts, like @NarcosNetflix on Twitter and @Narcos on Instagram. The Twitter account even created the hashtag #NarcoLingo, where they provide memes and gifs with inside terminology from the show — which was real terminology used by agents and the cartel.

So, how much of the #NarcoLingo do you know? And, how much have you Googled the real Pablo Escobar? With a show this complex, it shouldn't be surprising that there are at least 11 things only hardcore Narcos fans can relate to.

1. You Know The Lingo

Not only do you know #NarcoLingo, but you may have started to quote Narcos. ¿Plata o Plomo?

2. You Suddenly Know A Lot About The Characters' Real Counterparts

Since you finished the first season, you have been super curious about the real life capture of Pablo Escobar. You’ve probably read up about the real DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña and know that Valeria Velez is named Virginia Vallejo IRL.

3. You Understand That Knowing The Outcome Doesn’t Ruin A Good Story

Just because you know the overall outcome, doesn’t make the way everything unfolded fascinating. This show proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

4. You Know That Whatever Valeria Says Can Have Crazy Consequences

Valeria cares above all else about Valeria, and that seems to be working for her. Almost every time Valeria speaks against someone, you know to be worried.

5. English-Speaking Fans Become Overly Confident In Their Ability To Understand Spanish

It’s just the subtitles, really.

6. On That Note, The Theme Song Is Stuck In Your Head

Even though you may not actually understand any of the words.

7. You Feel Conflicted About Elisa

Overall, you are sympathetic. Her character made you think about all sides of the situation and their motivations. Still, it can take a while to reach that point.

8. You’ve Picked Up On When Not To Get Attached To A Character

Sadly, this is a true story. And you have started to learn that Escobar’s world was a dangerous place.

9. You Wonder If All Of Pablo Escobar's Money Has Been Found

There may be literal buried treasure out there. Are people looking for it?

10. You Suddenly Have A Thing For Mustaches


11. You Cannot Wait For Season 2

And the suspense is making you crazy!

Images: Daniel Daza (2), Screengrab/Netflix; Giphy