Dealing With Jamal Turning Against His Family On ‘Empire’ In 9 Emotional Steps

It's the ones you love the most that usually end up hurting you the most, and Jamal Lyon is no exception to that rule for me. My favorite brother on Empire, Jamal — the leader of Empire Entertainment, thank you very much, not-even-20-years-old Hakeem — has hurt me. He has also hurt his family. Within the first few episodes of Season 2, Jamal has turned against his family on Empire , and while I know this isn't Full House or some family sitcom, I have to ask: Why can't everyone just be happy? I'm having a tough time dealing with the turn on his mother and brothers, so naturally I found myself working through my emotions in nine steps. It's like the seven stages of grief, but about a TV show. So it's much more serious.

On the first episode of Season 2, Jamal turns against his family in the most Empire way ever — he kicks them out of Lucious' house after taking shelter because of Frank Gathers' wrath. It was a devastating scene to watch. Cookie — my spirit animal — couldn't believe her boy was talking to her the way he was. And even though he just kicked his family out, I even felt for Jamal. Because, in a moment of weakness, he showed just how much it hurt him to do such a thing.

So how do you work through something like this? Let me tell you, it's not easy. I feel as if I was kicked out of Lucious' house by Jamal, taken to the prison, yelled at by Ludacris, hungrily stared at by Frank Gathers, and shot like Bunkie. I'm feeling very vulnerable, OK? Here are nine steps to reconciling with Jamal turning on his family.

1. You're In Denial

It's all good. They're all good. We're one big happy family. These aren't tears, they're rain drops or something.

2. You Get Angry At Jamal

HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO PEOPLE YOU LOVE? Who do you think you are? The ruler of the an empire? Oh, wait.

3. You Guilt Watch That Scene Again

Because misery loves company. Your original misery can keep your second-viewing misery company.

4. Then You Cry

Cookie's tears are all of our tears.

5. So You Listen To This

*Ugly cry*

6. You Feel Like You Can Make A Difference

"— but if I just talk to him," you tell yourself, "I could convince him that he's making a big mistake."

7. You Plead For A Semblance Of Love

You think back to the times when everything was loving and the family wasn't torn apart.

8. You Become Hopeful

Maybe we can get back to this place. Get back in the studio and make some sweet music together.

9. You Blame Lucious

You're ruining everything!

Forgot what happened last season on Empire? Check out the (drunk) recap video below.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy (9)