9 Jaw-Dropping 'Sherlock' Trailer Moments That Will Make You So Excited For This Christmas Special — VIDEO

Forget Halloween — after watching the Victorian-era Sherlock Christmas special trailer, I just want it to be Christmas already. The full-length trailer is a treat for the eyes, but there are also enough jaw-dropping Sherlock moments to make even the most composed fan hyperventilate. The game is most definitely on, and what an intriguing game it is: The trailer hints at a story that will take Sherlock and John deep into the dark side of London society. There's murder, sure, but it goes so much deeper than that — from the victim's possible connection to Sherlock to Moffat's surprising nod to the modern day adventures, the trailer is full of clues that will leave you shocked and enthralled.

The Victorian special is going to be the last you see of Cumberbatch's Sherlock until Season 4, but, thankfully, the one-off appears to be the perfect episode to keep you occupied until the new season starts. Even though this story is independent of anything going on in the modern series, it still promises to be an addictive tale.

From the epic, period appropriate looks of Sherlock and John to the twisty hints about the case itself, the trailer is a study in how to pique the curiosity of fans — and, trust me, it does an excellent job. These nine moments in particular had me gaping in shock and awe at just how awesome this special is going to be:

1. The Case Is Personal

Sherlock promised to keep the victim safe, but he somehow failed on that count. The revelation that the case is personal ups my excitement level by roughly a thousand. It's so rare Sherlock's personal life is ever shown (because he doesn't really have one) that the opportunity to see him guilt-ridden and determined to right a mistake makes the story all the more appealing.

2. There's Totally A Secret Society

The classic Sherlock stories sometimes found Sherlock delving into London's underbelly, and the Victorian special seems to be drawing inspiration from some of those stories. I'm no expert, but those pointy-hatted dudes surrounded by candles certainly look like they are up to some organized badness — and the thought of Sherlock infiltrating their ranks to bring them down makes me downright giddy.

3. Watson's Mustache

The mustache returns! And I bet you thought you had seen the last of Watson's 'stache. It's much cooler in the 19th century... I mean it even flips up at the ends.

4. Sherlock Running Through The Smog

Excuse me while I drool over the cinematography, but this is such iconic Sherlock imagery here and it could never be pulled off in a modern day episode. The horse-drawn carriage, the cobblestone street, and Sherlock's cape flapping as he runs — it's all so gorgeous.

5. "This Is War"

The intensity level goes off the charts when Sherlock declares "this is war." What is going on? I need to know!

6. John Questions Sherlock

"What made you like this?" John asks mid-trailer, and the moment is one that will hit you straight in the heart. Sherlock is going to dally with the dark side once more, and his answer to John's question is downright chilling.

7. The Baker Street Reveal

A bustling, Victorian era Baker Street? Yes, thank you, more please.

8. Sherlock's Moment Of Awesome

In a moment of what can only be described as pure, unadulterated badassery, Sherlock calmly states who he is and where he's from to someone who is surely not on the side of the angels. It's basically the equivalent of James Bond ordering a martini, and the goosebumps you are experiencing are totally normal.

9. The Deerstalker

The deerstalker callback to the modern day stories is a totally unexpected ending to what is a flawlessly cinematic trailer.

Victorian Sherlock is coming, guys, and if the trailer is any indication there is no way to fully prepare for this level of Sherlock goodness.

Images: BBC One/YouTube (10)