Teddy Confesses His Guilt On 'Nashville,' Seriously Hurting Daphne & Maddie In The Process

We haven't seen much of Teddy Conrad on Season 4 of Nashville, since Rayna’s ex-husband and the former mayor of Nashville has been, ya know, in jail. At the end of Season 3, he was picked up on all sorts of money laundering related charges, said goodbye to his girls, and headed on to county jail. A few episodes into this season, we’re seeing Teddy’s prisoner status affect his daughters. Maddie is a teenager who is mad all the time anyway, so she just throws out the letters he sends, but younger daughter Daphne actually gets into a fistfight on the school playground defending her father’s honor. Yikes.

Of course, Daphne gets busted and when Rayna finds out what’s going on, she takes the girls to see Teddy. At first, he tries to push aside the fact that he’s totally guilty (because he is, of course), but eventually, he can’t hide his lying eyes and has to confess to Daphne that he actually did all the bad things that people say he did. She obviously doesn’t take it too well, and cut to Daphne and Maddie destroying all of the scrapbooks the family had made over the years. Double yikes.

Here’s where Rayna came in to save the day, as usual — she brings the girls back to see Teddy, who, overcome with his own stupidity and guilt, says he’s going to take a plea and plead guilty so he can be with the girls. They share a teary farewell, and everything is sort of fine? I’m not sure how they can go from being so angry with Teddy to not being angry at all, but I’m also no longer a pre-teen or a teenager with scary mood swings.

Despite their father’s status in lockup, Rayna is right about Teddy — he was really there for Rayna and the girls when she would go out on tour, and no matter what happens, this foursome is still a family. They’ve been through a lot over the past four seasons, so I have no doubt that the Conrad girls (and Rayna and Teddy) can survive an incarcerated dad.

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