Will Sadie Stone & Luke Hook Up On 'Nashville'? Teddy Is Actually a Better Choice for the Rising Star

The fallout from the fictional Country Music Awards is going to get hot. While some couples seem strained, others may just be getting started. Here's an idea — could Sadie Stone and Teddy Conrad be the next Nashville romance? The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. During the CMAs, Sadie Stone got a text from a mysterious ex of hers named "Pete," who had somehow found her number and demanded his cut of her success from the single that's about him. Rude. Thanks a lot, Pete. We still don't know too much about Sadie Stone. This was one of our first peeks into her personal life. Sadie and Luke had a nice moment and I got a little worried for a second that something was going to happen between Sadie and Luke, but Rayna and Luke seemed pretty patched up by the end of the awards.

I don't think Sadie would do anything to hurt Rayna Jaymes. Their friendship has been one of the best parts of Nashville's third season. Frankly, Laura Benanti is so obsessed with Connie Britton that I don't think she'll ever allow it. According to the ABC press release, Pete will be making an appearance in the episode "First To Have A Second Chance" coming up next week. Meanwhile, what if Sadie ended up with another one of Rayna's flames? I'm not talking about Deacon. I'm talking about Mayor Teddy Conrad. They've shared some glances, and glances are romantic currency on television. Why not let that grow into something more?

Teddy is currently entangled with an escort and should nip that scandal in the bud, Olivia Pope-style. It looks like Sadie Stone could use something good in her romantic life. Could they be each other's second chance?

For one thing, this would be a great way to get back at Jeff Fordham, and that should be the primary objective for pretty much every Nashville character. Jeff hired Natasha in the first place. We still don't know his goal, but it can't end well. There are plenty of good listeners in Nashville, Teddy! Move on from Jeff's manipulative games. Mayor Conrad has every right to get revenge and Sadie rejected his record deal offer. Rayna's first husband is in need of some good press, and the recently minted "New Artist Of the Year" would make for an excellent story. Plus, I can't think of a better way to get back at your ex than to step out with someone that high in social status. Suck it, Pete! Sadie is moving on in a big way.

What's more, this relationship would mean that Sadie could stay on the show and her bond with Rayna won't strain. I'm more concerned with this than Deacon and Rayna patching things up. That could happen anyway. We still haven't dealt with that classic engagement-ender, a prenup. Luke and Rayna could self-combust without an affair mucking them up. Teddy Conrad is a much more suitable romantic parter for the up and coming Sadie Stone. She could bond with the girls! One big happy Nashville family! This obviously has to happen.

Images: ABC; juliette-claybourne/Tumblr