Ashley Tisdale Has Red Hair Now

Bye bye strawberry bronde! Hello red! Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale has red hair now. The usually blonde High School Musical star made a follicular pitstop at strawberry bronde — yes, that's actually a thing — earlier this summer. But it didn't last too, too long. She's now cruising in the full on redhead lane, dyeing her hair for fall. It's absolutely gorgeous on her.

But Tisdale, who discussed what it's like having strawberry bronde hair on her lifestyle blog, didn't just go red with her hair. She also matched her new hair hue to her lips. Matchy-matchy hair and lips can be tricky, but it worked for Tisdale, who kept the rest of her look streamlined with a pair of black shades and a camel-colored coat.

In her caption, Tisdale noted that she went "real deep" with this shade, which is ready, or "red-y," for the autumn season.

The red shade is the best complement to her textured, shoulder-skimming lob. This look is everything, from the cut to the color.

Reds are notoriously hard to maintain, so let's hope Tisdale has the patience for it, since it's a refreshing change for her. She can go back to blonde next summer!

This flame color looks so amazeballs on her that it makes her normal blonde seem like a snoozefest by comparison.

What a standout shade!

What a difference two weeks makes!

Here's her more familiar, choppy blonde 'do. The Tiz's sunglasses game is on point, BTW. She rocks a different pair and different hair in each snap.

Strawberry bronde!


David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

More of that strawberry bronde, which was a little too faded for my taste. It looked like it wanted to be pink, without committing. The red is way more of a commitment.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In case you miss her blonde bedhead look, here it is!

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The actress did experiment with chocolate brown locks back in 2011. I think the current red was the better than this veering-from-her-usual-blonde option from a few years ago.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Last one! I promise.

If you want to make like Tisdale and match your hair to your lips this season, it's best to keep things simple. Do red lips and red hair, but keep the rest of your face bare. Add several coats of mascara, sure, but don't go crazy with blush or contouring. You could end up looking clownish or overdone. And no one wants that!

Take inspo for fall hair and beauty from A. Tisdale.

Images: Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (5)