Kate Winslet & Jimmy Fallon Take Hilarious Selfies That Put All Others To Shame — VIDEO

Kate Winslet has always been one of my favorite actresses (Meryl Streep being the other), so it's no surprise that I find pretty much everything she does to be delightful. Not only is she immensely talented, but she has always seemed so down-to-earth and charming in the endless amount of interviews I've watched with her. That was certainly the case when she stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night to discuss her role in the new Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs. While she did indeed talk about that important role, it wasn't all work and no play. In fact, Winslet and Fallon took some ridiculous iPad selfies in a competition to take the worst and weirdest shots possible, and the results were predictably hilarious.

Regular people like you and me always do dumb stuff like this with our friends, but somehow having celebrities pucker up and use weird Photo Booth effects on their selfies on national TV is extra funny, and this segment is one of the best I've seen on The Tonight Show. The general idea was a competition between Fallon and Winslet to match one another's weird/terrible expressions, though there was no winner. Maybe they both win, though. Yeah, that seems more likely.

Let's check out the results, shall we?

Round 1

Using the stretch filter, Winslet took the above shot. While she claims she had a "serious eyebrow situation" going on, it clearly added to the overall feeling of the photo, which is ridiculous and vaguely terrifying at the same time.

Fallon gave it a good go, but his face is almost too symmetrical and reminds me of a baby platypus. I like Winslet's raised eyebrow a bit better — it offers more of a dramatic flair, don't you think?

Round 2

Somehow, Fallon managed to make his second photo... almost look like his actual phase (something he notes himself). The effect is meant to sort of put your face through a pinhole effect, but somehow, this almost looks like a normal selfie.

Winslet got this one just right. She almost looks like a Who from Whoville in this picture and I love it. It's still vaguely horrifying and something out of Pan's Labyrinth (yes, I know, Dr. Seuss and Guillermo del Toro in one), but she wins this one, too.

Round 3

Winslet obviously decided to go out with a bang, and this shot doesn't disappoint. It's actually unrecognizable as her, and I don't know what filter she used, but the result is really something special.

Is it wrong to say that Fallon has a touch of Barry Manilow to him here? Because he totally does. It's an impressive shot, but it almost just looks like him as a baby/old man combined, if that makes sense. My money's on Winslet, but since this is a competition for fun, they can both win.

Watch the full video of Winslet and Fallon's selfie competition, click play below and enjoy:

Image: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC