Killer Britney Costumes For Your Halloween Inspo

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a daunting task. There are so many considerations to keep in mind when Halloween shopping. Do I want to be scandalous? Should I be scary? Am I going for ironic? In case you don't already have something on your radar this Halloween, then you should join me in throwing it back to the days of yesteryear and going for one of these unique Britney Spears Halloween costumes.

There are few things in life I hold sacred and early '00s Britney is one of my most sacred idols. Therefore, as I strive to emulate her for Halloween, the utmost care must be taken in paying an acceptable homage to her glory. If you're gonna do Britney, you have to do her justice.

Luckily for us, Britney Spears has been a notable pop culture icon for literally decades and she has given us a lot to work with along the way as far as notable ensembles go. Though a full-length denim evening gown might be a little outside of your wheelhouse this Halloween, there are quite a few easy and unique Britney Spears costumes that you can pull off with minimal effort. Don't believe me? Join me as I demonstrate.

Mickey Mouse Club Britney

This is the earliest Britney we were privy to and thus this is our earliest point of inspiration. Given that the '90s aesthetic is making a comeback right now, this look should be pretty easy to pull together.

First you'll need a floral crop top (or something else aggressively '90s looking). Pair that with some denim jorts and a pair of Keds.

Mickey Mouse Ears, $9, Amazon

To complete your look, you'll need to grab a pair of Mickey Mouse ears which, contrary to popular belief, can actually be quite affordable if you look in the right places (like Amazon).

Toxic Britney

This Britney costume is not for the faint-hearted. Everyone remembers Britney's iconic "Toxic" video and everyone also remembers that bedazzled bodysuit. Therefore, the "Toxic" bodysuit will make for quite the memorable Halloween costume.

Capezio Nude Strap Body Tight, $15, Dancewear Solution

First, you must acquire a nude bodysuit like this one from dancewear solutions, which can be purchased for an alarmingly cheap $15.38. Next, go into your mom's arts and crafts closet and find her hot glue gun. Go to your nearest craft store and buy some rhinestones. Like, a lot of rhinestones.

You probably see where this is going. Now, glue the rhinestones in clusters on the bodysuit. You're going to want to concentrate the rhinestones to cover your naughty bits. Once that is accomplished, then you can make this jumpsuit your own with your rhinestone placement. You can go concentric circles, you can make star patterns, or you can even be minimalistic if you're feeling risky.

VMA Britney

Perhaps the most iconic of all of Britney's infamous looks is Britney's outfit from the 2001 VMA's. Yes, the one with the snake. If you are really looking to take your Halloween swagger to the next level, be VMA Britney this Halloween.

Sultry GreenBra Top, $40, Belly Dance

Step One: a sultry green bra top, like this one from BellyDance.com.

Step Two: acquire a blue sarong, like this one from Overstock.com, which will only cost you a cool $22.99.

Rubber Burmese Python, $29, The BIG Zoo

Step Three: purchase your pièce de résistance, your fake yellow snake. Throw on some Flash Tats if you're feeling spicy, watch some Shakira music videos to perfect your bellydancing techniques, and hit the road on Halloween night prepared to wow your onlookers.

Hit Me Britney One More Time

If you were already feeling the sexy schoolgirl vibe this Halloween, then why not take it one step further and go sexy school girl a la Britney Spears in her "Baby One More Time" video? The good news is, you probably already have most of these things in your closet. Even if you don't, they will be super easy to acquire.

Grey Cardigan, $10, H&M

All you need is a white button-up shirt, a grey cardigan, and a black skirt. Tie up your white button-up all nice, throw on some thigh-high socks, and prance around like there's no tomorrow.

If you're really trying to be an over-achiever, you can buy some pink pom-poms to dress up your pigtail braids.

Images: Giphy (5); Forever 21; Amazon; dancewear solutions; BellyDance.com; Overstock.com; TheBigZoo; H&M; Urban Outfitters; ElleVintage369/Etsy