9 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas For +Size Women

For most rational humans, Halloween means buying a cute outfit, wearing said cute outfit out into the world, and getting horribly drunk. For me, my plus size Halloween costume takes half a year to plan, a few practice runs to perfect, and an outright superiority complex over store-bought costumes. My mother raised me to see the blessing that is tin foil as compared to a $49.99 dress from a party shop. As a fuller-figured woman, I sometimes think this approach is actually easier than trawling through stores that only stock "one size fits all" (read: "one size fits most slender people").

Putting together your own costume is also infinitely more fun, if you ask me. I suffered from a pretty severe face paint allergy as a kid, so these days any excuse to paint myself purple is welcomed with open arms. If you need a hobby, seriously consider making it Halloween. You can force your friends into fancy dress parties throughout the year and continue showing off your dressing-up skills along the way.

Being unique on Halloween is pretty impossible, especially with the limited options us plus sizers get, but by piecing together your own costume instead of going for store bought, you're a little bit more likely to stand out. After all, isn't that what Halloween is all about? Getting complimented on having the best costume in the room? Here are nine ways to do just that.

1. Ursula

Ursula Velvet Dress with Tentacle Skirt, $86, Amazon

Let's be honest: Unless you have a degree in design, I doubt that you (or I) could produce a dress as great as this. Going store bought in this case is definitely worth the investment. If you want to take it to the next level, though, the other details are up to you. Back comb your hair, dust it with baby powder, and paint yourself purple. You should also consider learning an acapella version of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" to show you really care.

Purple Body Paint, $4, Amazon

2. Jessica Rabbit

Bombshell Red Pencil Dress, $24, Tatyana

This gorgeous dress will do all the work for your Jessica Rabbit costume. All you need to grab is some orange-y hairspray (or a wig for the light hearted) and get your hip sway down. The great thing about this dress is that it's totally wearable outside of Halloween, especially if you need to impress.

Orange Hair Spray, $3, Windy Cities Novelties

3. Lumpy Space Princess

Purple Chiffon Dress, $158, Yours Clothing

Literally any purple dress will do for this costume. Get ahold of some gold cardboard, cut out a star, and use eyelash glue to get it on your forehead. You can utilize some purple face paint to get the true cartoon feel. I've created this costume myself and I promise that it's the most fun thing ever. Especially if you're doing the LSP voice, of course.

Kryolan Face Paint, $13, Face Paint

4. A Mouse, Duh! (AKA Karen From Mean Girls)

Mouse Ears, $11, Amazon | Cold Shoulder Velvet Dress, $43, ASOS

This is a much wittier kind of costume, ideal for when you're hitting up a last minute party and want to do something easy and clever. If anyone asks who you're meant to be, belittle the hell out of them by pointing out your ears and doing your best Karen impression, "A mouse, duh!"

5. Corpse Bride

Lace Maxi Dress, $90, ASOS | 1M Beaded Veil, $5, Amazon | Pale Blue Face Paint, $9, Snazaroo

I put together this costume in high school and the main reason it worked so well was because of this amazing makeup tutorial by YouTube MUA Pixiwoo. I think my favorite thing about DIY-ing your look is that you can totally reuse the clothes in real life (in this case, you can reuse the veil to scare your partner).

6. Elle Woods Of Legally Blonde

Fitted Shift Dress in Pink, $40, Boohoo | Slingback Leather Pump, $48, Dune London | Puppy in a Purse, $14, Amazon

What an excellent person to dress up as! Elle Woods is the feminist role model we should all aspire to be, IMO. To be honest, any head to toe pink will do for this look. It's really all about the dog in a bag.

7. Medusa

Midi Skater Dress with Bardot Front, $50, ASOS | Snake Print Tights, $16, Pamela Mann | Snake Hair Clips, $15, Etsy

If you're going to go for it, go for it completely and spray your hair and face green. Maybe even draw on some little scales if you're feeling fancy. Either way, this Greek babe is instantly recognizable but not often seen on All Hallow's Eve.

Green Face and Body Paint, $6, Custom Body Art

Jerome Russel Temporary Hair Color Spray, $4, Walgreens

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, $50, Party City

This costume is cool enough for Rihanna to pull off, so you can do it too. This cute version can easily be roughed up with some dirt and glitter to give a punkier vibe to the look, like RiRi's, of course.

9. Miss Piggy

Golden Glam Dress, $35, Tatyana | Pig Costume Kit, $11, Amazon

Given her recent split from Kermit, Miss Piggy could really use the support of a legion of plus size princesses paying homage to the glamorous star. After all, she's been inspiring me to be fabulous my entire life, so it's the least I can do.

Even if Halloween costume options for plus size women are still lacking at your standard brick and mortar costume shop, there's no reason not to take matters into your own hands.

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Images: Georgina Jones; Courtesy Brands