8 Identical Twins Share Tricks They've Played

For those of you who grew up in the age when Mary Kate and Ashley reigned as both king and queen, you know the appeal of twins. So, you're welcome for serving up some double, double, toil and trouble with a story featuring identical twins sharing how they tricked people.

On every shooting star, on every 11:11, on every eyelash and lady bug, I wished for a twin. I wasn't really sure about the logistics, I just wanted to wake up and have an identical twin. I wanted to be able to hang out with "myself" and have someone to run a VHS empire with. But through a softer lens, I wanted a built-in best friend. I wanted someone who was genetically designed to be the same. I wanted someone who was down to wear matching outfits, or at least the same capris from the Gap in different colors. I wanted a partner in crime; someone who shared the same thirst for punking adults and duping friends. I wanted someone who was ESP-close. I wanted to be able to look across the dinner table and mentally agree to take turns distracting our parents while we fed our microwaved greens to the dog.

Alas, thousands of mornings later, still no identical twin to be found. I do however have a desperate theory that the stork delivered my twin to the wrong house and she's just stuck somewhere in rural America, having no idea how many pranks we have yet to pull. So if you're out there, twinny, come find me!

Until then, I've turned to the internet to indulge in mission17's AskReddit: "Identical twins, what's the craziest way which you've abused your powers of mistaken identity?" Here are some of my favorites.


People like to believe that all twins have a secret ESP channel they can turn on. Apparently twins like to make people believe that, too. I imagine this got old after third grade, though.

Get that paper

This is a pretty impressive way to work the system. Everyone knows overtime is gold. Not to mention, this guy must have looked like such a hard worker!

Dirty work

Standard good cop/bad cop team, put to work. This selfless act is pretty epic.

Sorry, who are you?

This is a pretty useful secret weapon. If I had a twin I'd use this every single time I bumped into someone I didn't want to talk to.

You take this, I'll take that

This is the every day kinda stuff I'm talking about! It's just more logical to have two of you!

We finish...each other's sentences

Simple, harmless pranking. I'd love to see the way people react to this.

White Collar Crimes

Not something you hear every day. Hopefully they'll write a book about it and we'll see the Hollywood adaptation in theaters in the near future.


I imagine this would really embarrass their parents, but this is so clever! Another great premise for a movie.

Image: Dualstar; Reddit