Kim K Has A Solo 'Cosmopolitan' Cover Too

And the celebration continues. After being dubbed “America’s First Family” by the glossy Kim Kardashian has a solo cover for Cosmopolitan , as does her sister Kourtney. Clearly, the magazine wants to draw out the birthday celebrations for multiple days, and I’m definitely not complaining. I’m all for celebrating, especially with Kardashian covers. Besides, who doesn’t love a little extended partying? I know I do! I’ll be plenty happy with collecting these covers (one of each, of course) and eating a slice of cake, thank you very much.

Kim K’s flowing locks are gorgeous in her solo cover, but it’s hard to pay any attention to anything besides that massive rock on her hand. Kourney’s hair, styling and white jumpsuit are very similar to her sister’s cover shot, and honestly, they’ve never looked more alike.

However, this also isn’t the first time that they’ve had similar styles when it comes to posing, dressing and more. From selfies to showing off their regular life moments on social media, these ladies have practically been twins on multiple occasions. Like mother, like daughters, I guess. These Kardashian ladies definitely didn’t fall too far from the Kris Jenner tree.

See both Cosmo covers, along with seven times that these ladies have been more like twins than regular ole sisters, because they practically live the same life.

Just stunning.

Equally gorgeous.

1. Late Night Selfies

Kim K shares a selfie right before going to bed.

Kourtney likes to tell her followers goodnight, too.

2. Morning Closet Selfies

She takes morning closet selfies.

So does this sister.

3. Playing Dress Up

Who says Kylie's the only one who can pull off wigs?

4. Red Lip

She likes to don a red lip look, from time to time.

But who doesn't?

5. Disney

Kourtney's no stranger to posing with Disney characters.

I guess it's just part of being a mom.

6. Yeezus

Kim K supports her hubby with Yeezus garb.

And he's got the whole family behind him.

7. These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

Both ladies know how to dress for a night out on the town.

See what I mean? They sure have a lot in common. That's just what happens when you're sisters and best friends, you know?

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