How To Dress Like Taylor Swift Song Titles

Every year, October (and usually September) brings an eternal struggle: deciding on the perfect Halloween costume. And if you're a die hard Taylor Swift fan like me, you have a lot of options. It'd be easy to grab a blonde wig and a crop top and call it a day, but if you love puns and a challenge, there's a way better way to go about it: dressing like Taylor Swift song titles for Halloween instead of the singer herself. Her music — whether it comes from 1989 or previous albums — does happen to lend itself well to punny costumes, and I can almost guarantee that you won't run into someone else who's dressed as "Bad Blood" at whatever party you're at. Plus, you get the added fun of people trying to figure out what your costume is... and when they realize, you're in for all kinds of compliments.

Any Swift fan can dress as one of her cats or recreate one of the outfits from the "Shake It Off" music video, but that's way too simple if you're trying to win the Halloween game. And then, there's the bonus factor of your punny genius being bound to impress everyone you encounter on October 31.

Ready to get started? Pick your song and let's do this.

"Bad Blood"

There are a lot of complicated, DIY ways you could go about this, but simpler is better — by jazzing up a nurse costume. You can get one for pretty cheap from almost any party store (like this one from halloweencostumes.com for $19.99) — and the variety a lot of costume sellers have for an outfit like this will give you a lot of room to decide how much skin you want to show.

Then, you'll need some red food coloring or red fake blood (at Party City for as little as $1.99) to splatter all over the costume.

And then, the most important part: A syringe with a red plunger, like this one which can also be found at Party City for $4.99.

And the final step? Grab a piece of paper and some string and make a tag to hang from your syringe with an expiration date that's way before 2015. This blood is bad, y'all.

"Welcome To New York"

First, you're going to need a lot of green. If you want to go all the way in, you could buy a green morph suit, but if you're not that ambitious, you'll need green leggings like these ($6.90, Forever 21):

And a simple green long sleeved t-shirt like this ($12.95, H&M):

Next, it's time to get artsy. Buy foam board, green and white paint, and a letter stencil, and recreate the welcome sign above. Be as creative as you want! In a hurry? Paint the board green and then you can just write the words in your own handwriting, or you can get super creative with a huge board and attention to detail. Then, punch a hole on each side of the top of your shirt, tie it all together with some solid, strong string or rope, and you're all set!

"I Knew You Were Trouble"

Remember the board game? This is key. If you don't still have one you're willing to use for the sake of an awesome Halloween costume, it's easy to buy another on Amazon for a little over $7.

Buy a t-shirt in a solid white or a primary color (like this one from Forever 21 for $3.90):

Next, grab your hot glue gun. Attach the board and the playing pieces to your shirt, and pair with your favorite jeans, shorts, or leggings. People will know you were trouble.

"Love Story"

Ready to be a giant book? It's happening! All you need is some paint, a little ribbon, a photo of the cover of your favorite love story — best results if you choose something easily recognizable, like Romeo and Juliet, which the song is based on — and two pieces of poster board. All of this should run you less than $20 at a craft store, especially if you are a coupon fiend like I am. Copy the front and back covers of your chosen book in paint, let dry, and punch two holes in each poster board and attach with ribbon, sandwich board style. Put over your head and enjoy watching people try to guess your costume all night! Kinda like this:

These costumes all take a certain measure of creativity, but even if you aren't an expert DIY do-er, they're simple enough to be able to get them right. The bonus? Puns, guys. Puns everywhere. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Images: HalloweenCostumes.com, Amazon, Party City (2), Forever 21 (2), H&M