Netflix And Chill Condoms Are Now Available

It's entirely possible that for high schoolers "Netflix and chill" is some sort of mating call, but when you cross into adulthood, and have been in a relationship for more than three weeks, "Netflix and chill" usually means "let's not try anything funny tonight, k babe?" But Netflix and chill condoms are trying to change all that, and add some friskiness to the Netflix and chill ritual. And what very few people recognize is that this is really a revolution in safe sex. Up until now, we've only ever had flavored condoms, or ribbed condoms, or those warming condoms that they aggressively advertised on television for awhile. Yet we've never seen a condom that enhances nightly ritual quite as comfy-cozy as this. (Even if, let's be real, your mad passion for marathoning Friends can be kind of a cockblock sometimes.) Anyway, these condoms are here to enhance your pleasure — viewing or otherwise.

You can find these bad boys at Say It With A Condom. The phenomenon was created by Kori Williams, owner of a Pop Gallery store, who sells all sorts of fun themed condoms. And apparently this is a hot market, because there's competition: NF and Chill is also selling them, for a slightly higher price. The second option was created by University of Texas Austin students. Cheers to those young entrepreneurs. Whichever brand you choose, we encourage you to practice safe viewing.

Here's The Latest In The Condom Craze:

$2.95, Say It With A Condom.

3 for $12, NF and Chill.

Personally, I'm very into the first packaging. Go in for a DVD, come out with a condom.

While people are on the condom humor kick, they should consider taking the opportunity to make other seemingly non-sexy activities into a delightful condom wrapper experience. Here are a few free ideas, in case any other university students want to make a side hustle selling novelty condoms:

1. "Hey Girl, Wanna Cuddle Later?" Condoms

Note: This idea will only work if you can super impose Ryan Gosling's face on a condom.

2. "Red Wine And Dark Chocolate Tonight?" Condoms

Give the people what they want.

3. Regular Condom Themed Condoms

WOW we are so ~normcore~.

Images: Giphy (3), SayItWithACondom, NFandChill