8 Amazon Handmade Items We're Crushing On

Move over, Etsy — Amazon is coming for your bird-covered, frequently twee turf. As of today, Amazon now is offering a handcrafted marketplace of its own, called Handmade at Amazon. I'm excited for it, if only because I hate shopping in stores and now I have another way to lust after screenprinted pillowcases and hammered metal rings without leaving my bed. Though the site is brand new and still has a limited array of offerings — the company told The New York Times that the application process for sellers is pretty strident, in order to make sure the goods they're hawking are actually handmade — you can already find some gorgeous products through it, especially for home furnishings and stationary. (It's a great way to stock on Thank You cards before you keep forgetting to immediately after Christmas!) Even better, each item links back to a personalized seller page, so you can find similar products to the ones you like — for instance, if you already have enough tea towels, that cactus print below is also available on an adorable calendar for 2016.

Here are some of my favorite finds through the site so far — and goodness knows there's plenty more where this all came from.

1. This Cactus Tea Towel

It would look so cute drying your dishes, or wrapping up freshly baked bread.


2.This Marbled Glass Tray

The design is based on the Omega Nebula. You can use it to arrange toiletries beautifully, or just random odds and ends.


3. This Tiger's Eye Horn Necklace

Horn pendants always look edgy and ferocious, but never more so than when made out of tiger's eye.


4. These Edgy Coasters

These coasters would probably encourage me to have people over for drinks more. Party on.


5. These Cupcake Toppers

For a camping-themed birthday party for kids, or your own Twin Peaks re-watching party.


6. This Nightstand

The nightstand or side table is inspired by mid-century modern designs, but the wood is from 80- to 100-year-old Tennessee barns.


7. Hooray! Pennants

The seller recommends putting them in a cubicle, which honestly sounds like an amazing idea to make your job feel like something you're winning at. It also comes with a towel, in case you need to really wave it around.


8. These Insanely Cool Air Plant Holders

You'd be so California with these — even in the middle of Iowa.


Images: Shift Bristol/Flickr, Amazon Handmade (8)