Will Tommy Be Exposed On 'Heroes Reborn'?

Do you ever feel like you are meant for something more? Something extraordinary? Clearly Tommy Clark's teleporting powers make him spend a lot of time thinking about this. Weighing the responsibilities and pressure against his desire to have a normal life. It's a normal inclination for a teenager, but there is a war on and people simple do not have time for that much introspection. If you can be extraordinary, then you have to just be. Both Tommy and his mother survived the car accident on Heroes Reborn but his mom needed some serious medical help, including more blood. Turns out, blood donations have plummeted in the time since the Evos have gone into hiding and they are fresh out of the O negative blood she needs to survive.

Tommy (to his credit) takes only a moment to think about it before volunteering his own blood. This would be NBD except that this blood test will expose him for an Evo, and put him on the most wanted list. To save her he does it anyway only to face more disappointment. Sometimes life is cruel, and they are not a match. Undeterred he goes on a quick jaunt to Indiana with his lady friend to get the right type of blood and passes it of to the nurse who (in a rare-display of human on Evo kindness) tells him to run far, far away.

She's too late, some very scary men in suites have already arrived to take Tommy away. Before he can transport on out of there the agent (or official? It's unclear) pulls his trump card. Turn himself in, or his mom doesn't get the blood transfusion. That's cold, secret agent man. Will Tommy be captured? He's going to need some serious help too get out of this scrape. I just don't see him abandoning his mother to her possible death to save his own life. Hopefully some of the other Evos (Luke, perhaps) can magically need a hospital and help him out. Without that, he is in some serious danger.

Images: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC