A Shocking Death Hits 'Heroes Reborn'

Heroes Reborn is really not pulling any punches. Only three episodes in and we have already had our first major death (second if you count The Haitian, RIP), and this one really hurt. Molly Walker, the sweet little girl that Matt Parkman found in a hidden room under the stairs is no longer with us. More specifically, Molly Walker killed herself on Heroes Reborn, all in service of some mysterious master plan. At first it seemed incredible to me that she was all grown up and running cons on people already, and now after all this she seems so young. Her last words were "forget the past, save the future", which is very reminiscent of the old Heroes tagline "save the cheerleader, save the world" except a lot less specific.

Noah Bennent's wiped memory continues to plague him. When he, along with Taylor and Quentin find her strapped to a strange chair in the basement of The Company it looked like he was going to be able to save her. That is until she showed him the back of her head. She, along with all of the other Evos trapped down there were plugged into some sort of computer system with the cords going straight into her brain. It was all very Matrix-like and very sad. How would she be able to get out? How was she even conscious in the first place? Neither question was ever answered. As soon as Noah got close enough she grabbed his gun and dropped this bomb: Claire really is dead and Molly was there when it happened. She won't tell him any more information, saying that if he goes back he will ruin everything.

Whatever plan the two of them had worked on together had not taken into account Noah getting pulled back into this conspiracy, or her getting caught. She turns the gun on herself, and pulls the trigger. Noah, Taylor and Quinn escape and if there is any bright side to this it is that Project Epic has suffered a major setback, and can no longer track Evos. I hope it was all worth it.

Images: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC