Olivia Made A Surprising Decision About Fitz

As if Scandal didn't give us enough emotional trauma on its own, but this Fitz and Olivia gone public storyline? It may be early in the season, but it's been quite a rollercoaster so far. After news of their relationship went public, the obvious media frenzy that followed was totally nuts — but not as nuts as Mellie. And can you blame her? She came at Olivia and Fitz with a ton of demands for her cooperation (basically all of them a little ridiculous), but then, after a little talk with Olivia about everything she'd have to sacrifice if she decided to fill her shoes as First Lady, Olivia decided get started on giving up something she loves a little early. After their conversation, Olivia called it off with Fitz... but like the many times this has happened before, it turns out that it wasn't quite the end of them.

Mellie finally agreed to do an interview with Fitz after they had a heart to heart about their marriage ending after everything they'd been through together, but their truce didn't last long. After Cyrus didn't get his way and Fitz reminded him of his firing, he told Mellie minutes before the interview that Fitz was planning to screw her over during the interview, where he was supposed to support her — and it was most certainly a lie. Unsurprisingly, Mellie believed him and she and Cyrus took off, leaving poor President Grant in the lurch.

And being that this is typical Cyrus behavior, no one was surprised. Or was that just me?

But there's one good thing about having Mellie and her demands off the table: Olivia and Fitz can do whatever they want in their relationship. And this time, it meant that Olivia went back on her sacrifice and (for the hundredth time) decided to give their relationship a real shot. "Sit there and watch me choose you," she told Fitz, and he actually listened.

The best news of all? Abby kicked some serious ass handling the situation, and Olivia finally trusted her to do it. I may be completely frustrated over the fact that Olivia and Fitz are still caught in this ridiculous merry go round, but Scandal never fails at keeping me interested.

Images: John Fleenor/ABC, Giphy