Taylor Swift's Pretty IG Has 50 Mil Followers

There's a new reigning queen of Instagram and guess what? She's not a member of the Kardashian crew and she didn't wake up like this! America's Sweetheart Taylor Swift has notched 50 million Instagram followers, which is a huge social media feat. Swift now owns this digital space, having cruised ahead of selfie queens Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, dethroning them as the most followed account on the photo-sharing site.

It's interesting to see Swift notch this digital accolade, since she doesn't post nearly as many selfies as her heavily followed Insta peers. In fact, she could be considered restrained by comparison, at least when it comes to selfies.

She doesn't overdo it, instead sharing shots of her famous friends and her onstage antics. Maybe her Instagram's slice-of-life nature, as opposed to being pouty-lipped, headshot city, is why she has attracted so many followers.

The current NME cover girl did acknowledge the fact that she reached 50 million followers with an adorbs post, joking that it was because of her cute cats. Because who doesn't love Meredith and Olivia?

While Tay Tay is not in a need of a selfie stick anytime soon, she has shared some gorgeous images, both with her squad and without, on her IG feed.

These are Swift's nine best (and not-so-obvious) fashion and beauty Insta pics!

1. Hoodie Action

OMG you guys! T. Swift wears hoodies... with her name on 'em. Of course her lipstick game is always stronger than all.

2. Knitty Gritty

While wearing a self-referential sweater, knitted by a fan, Swift made "granny" look cute.

3. Makeup-Free

Ah, the super rare, no makeup selfie. She was just as stunning while fresh-faced.

4. Lash Love

Her fans see kitty love. I see lash love.

5. Another No Makeup Moment

Another rare no makeup moment for Taylor Swift. Again, stunning!

6. Glove Love & Hate

Who said gloves have to be boring?

7. Windswept

Clear blue water. Crystal blue eyes. Black nails. Windswept hair.

8. Tougher Than Leather

T. Swift in a leather jacket, with black lacquered nails? That's tough and sexy!

9. Chilling With Lorde

Shaggy bangs and some hot pink lips with her pal Lorde.

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram (10)