'KUWTK' Needs To Return ASAP

When Keeping Up With the Kardashians went off air following the mid-season finale in May, we all were dying to know when the Kardashian show would return. So, when the promo for the second half of the season aired, we were thrilled to see the line-up of exciting moments ahead — Kim announcing her pregnancy to the family, a Kardashian trip to Armenia, and Kris' new beau. But, after just four episodes, Season 10 is coming to an end on Sunday night. And, while the tiny glimpse back into the lives of the "First Family" was decadent, I can't help but ask when will Season 11 of KUWTK premiere?

Fortunately fans don't have to wait long. The sisters will be back with more drama on Nov. 15. Plus, since the family signed a multi-year contract with E! back in February. The means not only will Kardashian fans get a Season 11, there's also a good chance of a Season 12 and 13. And, thank goodness this season won't follow past trends of taking several months between seasons. The Kardashians will be back in just over a month. That being said, I have a few requests for what E! can show viewers in Season 11.

1. North West On Screen

I understand and respect why Kim and Kanye are keeping North out of the spotlight. But, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to watch her on the show. Come on guys — she's adorable.

2. Kim As A Mom Of Two

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though Kim has stated she isn't a fan of pregnancy, she clearly enjoys motherhood itself. And I can't wait to see her love multiplied to another precious baby.

3. Kourtney As An Independent Woman

With Kourtney and Scott's split a major part of Season 10, I look forward to Kourtney standing strong as the leading lady of her family in Season 11. And launching her own app just might be the start of that?

4. Kanye's Clothing Line

So, technically Kanye isn't on the contract for the show, but wouldn't it be awesome to see some behind the scenes of his clothing line?

5. More Behind The Scenes Of Kendall's Modeling Career

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Kendall first appeared in fashion industry, there was a lot of doubt that she could be taken seriously due to her last name. But she's proved us all wrong, just ask Karl Lagerfeld.

6. Caitlyn Hanging Out With The Family

Season 10 featured some rough moments between Caitlyn and her family. I hope that Season 11 shows the family in a much happier place. Especially because we still haven't gotten word on a second season of I am Caitlyn.

7. More Behind Each Sisters' Individual Projects

All of the sisters are slowly finding their own niches. Kylie shares her interests in fashion and makeup in her app, while Khloe shares her passion for fitness. I would love to see more about the developments of each sister's pet projects. Kind of like how we got to see the process behind Kim's game.

And, most importantly, I just want to see more of the Kardashians being the Kardashians. All too often edited Instagram pictures and carefully thought-out tweets present a very formulated version of a person. It's nice to watch the Kardashians tease each other and act like normal people. More of that come November please!

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