Kelsey Grammer's Anti-Abortion Shirt Is Confusing

If there was any confusion whatsoever about how Kelsey Grammer feels about abortion, his latest sartorial choice should clear that right up. Grammer wore the world's strangest anti-abortion T-shirt in support of a group called Abort73, which was founded by Christian Loxafamosity Ministries and is working to end abortion. Grammer and his wife Kayte Walsh are vocal about their right-leaning political beliefs and the actor even once revealed to Jay Leno that he believes he was denied an Emmy nomination for his work on Boss because he's "a declared out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood." But, up until now, other than saying he isn't in favor of abortion, Grammer's thoughts on abortion haven't garnered him headlines. Well, he definitely managed to change that in a major way with one quick wardrobe change.

Walsh posted photos on her Instagram of both herself and her husband wearing Abort73 T-shirts with an image of a black gun and an unusual message: "Would it bother us more if they used guns?" Walsh used the hashtag #Standwithbabies beneath her photo, while thanking Abort73 for Grammer's shirt on his photograph.

The questions become: is he simultaneously supporting gun rights while putting down abortion? Is he putting down both the second amendment and abortion? Is he simply using the gun issue to create controversy and further his point?

Seriously, what in the hell is going on with this T-shirt?

Well, I for one didn't realize doctors had the option of using guns when they performed legal abortions, but that's the last thing I'll say that gives away my opinion on abortion. Regardless of anyone's personal stance on abortion, and Grammer is obviously entitled to his, I don't personally feel that he wins his argument by leeching off another controversial issue. There are a few reasons why this shirt doesn't make sense and one of them is that it makes the assumption that all people who are pro-choice are also anti-gun. You should be able to support your pro-life views using pro-life arguments and without resorting to controversial tactics just for publicity's sake.

If I had to play devil's advocate, I can think of a few strong, humane, intelligent arguments in favor of life over abortion — hitting people over the head with a gun and murder comparison is cheap and, in my opinion, ineffective.