Drake & Serena Williams Aren't Engaged, But Let's Still Fantasize About Their Wedding Anyway

Drake may or may not have been the reason that Serena Williams lost her bid in the U.S. Open this year (read: he's not), but the tennis pro still (presumably) loves him all the same. And though the two have yet to confirm that they're even dating — despite all of the super obvious evidence to the contrary — the rapper's rep still shot down rumors that Drake and Williams were engaged, telling TMZ: "The rumor is completely untrue." Of course, even the mere whisper of the word "engagement" surrounding this entirely adorable, A-list power couple is enough to send fans' imaginations running wild — and yes, that admittedly includes my own.

Maybe I'm just obsessed with everything weddings (Say Yes To The Dress all day, every day), but I can't help but picture what Drake and Serena Williams' wedding would look like. Partly because they seem to be happy AF — and who doesn't want their favorite super sweet couple to tie the knot? — aaaaand partly because that affair would be the talk of the freaking town. So, how would Williams and Drake's wedding go down (in my happy-go-lucky, rose-tinted, entirely imaginary world)?

To borrow a phrase from Sophia on Golden Girls, picture it:

1. They Would Be The Envy Of Everyone In That Room

They only have eyes for each other — just look at that video.

2. It Would Be The Party Of The Century

DrakeVEVO on YouTube

If Drake's Re-Bar Mitzvah was that epic, just picture the dude's wedding.

3. Drake Would Probably Perform

And dance it up with the guests, LBR.

4. But Let's Hope Madonna Doesn't Show Up


5. (Or Common, For That Matter)

It seems like both Drake and Serena Williams are now on good terms with the tennis star's famous ex, but there was definitely some serious beef there for a while.

6. But Let's Hope The Entire Cast Of Degrassi Comes Through


7. They Might Engage In Some Friendly Competition

The sexual innuendo. I cannot.

8. Venus Williams Would Probably Give A Toast

The sibling rivalry is on the court, only. And who better gets her sis than Venus Williams?

9. And There Would Be So Many Tennis Puns About "Love"

Because Drake is a master with the rhymes and would probably produce some killer tennis "love" puns. DON'T DISAPPOINT ME, AUBREY.

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