Accessories You Have Never Tried, But Should

Some think fashion is all in the clothes, but as of late, fashion month trends say it's all in the details — more specifically, the bold and interesting accessories. Fashion editors' Instagram accounts are full of #details pictures, showing off their intimate style choices (like socks with heels or a carefully curated ear full of earrings). Paying attention to styling specifics can make any outfit feel more thoughtful and even reveal a lot about your style identity! That's why Rihanna's signature jewelry layering has become so popular, because it is as if each piece was specially chosen, and together they collectively form a brand a casual, but chic.

How could there possibly be accessories you haven't thought of before? Of course there are the usual culprits: sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. But it is the variations of the usual and the way they are styled that make all the difference. Think about it, a single face piercing — like a nose or lip ring — can instantly make you consider someone a badass. For the particularly fashion-inclined, a cuffed pant leg or a stacked kitten heel can reveal how on-trend you are. So, show off your fashionable side with these eight unexpected outfit details.

1. The Thin Scarf

It doesn't get more early 2000s than this. Platform flip-flops not necessary (but always encouraged).

ASOS Long Skinny Scarf In Black With Fringe, $14.50,

2. The Backwards Button-Up

Leave it to street style babes to bring an old classic to another level. Switch around your button-up for a plunging back and conservative front.

BDG Structured Surplice-Front Button-Down Shirt, $59,

3. The Statement Earring

Loneliest? More like the chicest number. Pin back your hair and show off that one glorious ear piece.

Sorelle Mara Earring, $120,

4. The DIY Dress Slit

It's tough to make a mid-calf length dress sexy, but simply unbutton a few buttons and you've got an Angelina Jolie situation on your hands.

Forever21 Buttoned Denim Midi Dress, $34.90,

5. The Neck Scarf

This simple outfit-amplifying accessory is becoming a major street style trend — so hop on the bandwagon before it's too late.

H&M Patterned Scarf, $9.99,

6. The Climber Cuff

If you aren't committal enough to fill your lobes with piercings, the Climber is the perfect alternative.

Herkimer Ear Climber, $368,

7. The Graphic Bag

Since when is toting around a plain black bag everywhere you go any fun? Go for something a little bolder with a clutch that says it all.

Gelareh Mizrahi Up Up & Away Crossbody Bag, $250,

8. Ankle Laces

Take any sneaker and make it a little more femme with some ballerina-style laces. Simply wrap extra long laces around your ankle and tie at the back!

Nike 49" Team Shoelaces, $3,

Go bold or go home, you know?

Images: Courtesy Brands (8)