11 Facts About Caroline Fleming From 'Ladies Of London' That Will Make Her Your Favorite 'Lady'

The newest cast member of Ladies of London , Caroline Fleming, has officially become my favorite Lady. The new star has assimilated into the Bravo show's culture seamlessly — and she can do a mean headstand. She's royal, she's classy, and she's incredibly fabulous, aka, everything I love in a reality show star. Fans have gotten to know Caroline F. in the recent episodes of the show, but there's still a lot we don't know about her. The fact that she married into the James Bond family is just one surprising fact about Caroline Fleming, but certainly not the only thing you didn't know about her.

Did you know that Caroline F. is royal, a mother of three, an entrepreneur, a TV host, and more? We haven't peeled back all of the layers to Caroline on Ladies of London, but hopefully with the progression of the season, we'll learn more about the newest cast member. My hope is that she doesn't get too involved in the drama surrounding her, so she can keep killing it in her personal and professional. So what are some surprising facts about Caroline Fleming that fans might not know about her?

1. She Has A Long History With Television

Caroline was the host of Denmark's Next Top Model.

2. She's A Yogi

Which we might have already learned during that much-talked-about headstand at New Year's Eve.

3. She's A Dog Lover

Go onto Caroline's Instagram and prepare to see two of the cutest dachshunds, ever.

4. She's A Cover Star

Then again, if she's the Tyra of Denmark, then this isn't all that surprising.

5. She Was Married Into The James Bond Family

Caroline was married to Rory Fleming, who is the nephew of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. I think that makes her an unofficial Bond Girl.

6. She's Got Some Famous Friends

Bill Clinton is just the beginning of Caroline's well-known circle.

7. She's A Royal...

... of Denmark. Caroline is a Baroness of one of Denmark's oldest families. Which is probably why that crown looks so natural on top of her head.

8. She's The Mother Of Three

We don't see Caroline's children on the show much, so here's a look at her beautiful family.

9. Her Family Owns This Castle

And it's open to the public during a portion of the year, if you find yourself in southern Denmark.

10. She Owns A Hosiery Line

As if all of the above wasn't enough for her plate, Caroline keeps busy with Beautiful Legs, her hosiery line.

11. She's Just Like You & Me

Assuming you, too, have a life-size cardboard version of Ryan Gosling in your bedroom.

Welcome to the Ladies of London cast, Caroline! Here's to many more seasons of many more surprising facts.