'Teen Wolf' Season 5B Brings Chris Argent Back, But He's Not The Only Surprise

I am so excited that I can barely contain myself right now. At New York Comic-Con, fans were treated to the trailer for Teen Wolf Season 5B — and there was an incredible surprise waiting at the end. As in, all of a sudden, Chris Argent comes walking around the corner with a gun in hand and our hearts going out to him because, um, hello, Chris Argent. I repeat: Chris Argent returns to Teen Wolf in Season 5B. Sure, he's a pretty morally grey character who has caused more problems for Scott and his pack than half the villains they fight on a regular basis, but, I mean, look at him. Look at Chris Argent, you guys. He's coming back to Beacon Hills after being gone for Season 5A, and it gets even better: he's not the only Argent to be returning.

This is the most intriguing part of the news for me, because my mind immediately went to Allison Argent. You know, Scott's original girlfriend before the wonderful Kira, an integral part of the show who was viciously cut down before her time? (I'm not crying. You're crying.) Crystal Reed departed from the show, and she was satisfied with how her character went out, but you can call me a bit of a traditionalist. As much as I love all the new characters, I miss the presence of Allison, and I kind of want her back.

Of course, I can't think of a way for them to resurrect her that wouldn't be an incredibly bad idea, but you can't tell me that Chris Argent isn't the only Argent coming back to the show and not expect me to immediately think of Allison. Of course, Jeff Davis wouldn't tell us a thing outside of that, so all we can really be happy about is that Chris is back to cause trouble — with J.R. Bourne even making a surprise appearance at the panel — but who is the other Argent who is coming back with him. Are we introducing a new Argent? Someone answer this question right now.

In the meantime, I'll be screaming with excitement until the show returns in January.

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Image: MTV