Fan Favorites To Return For 'The X-Files' Reboot

Like most die-hard fans of the iconic sci-fi series, I absolutely love the Lone Gunmen on The X-Files — and I was seriously depressed when all three were killed in Season 9. But, along with many other fans, I've held out hope that they will return for the January 2016 reboot. After all, the Cigarette Smoking Man was believed to be dead and he showed up in the trailer — and literally anything is possible on this show. So, will the Lone Gunmen appear in The X-Files reboot?

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead. At New York Comic-Con on Oct. 10, Chris Carter confirmed that the Lone Gunmen will return for the 2016 reboot. The room immediately erupted in wild excitement and applause because the show would feel incomplete without this quirky, lovable trio. However, it looks like we'll have to wait until January to see exactly how they'll be incorporated into the series because Carter didn't offer many clues. Unlike the Cigarette Smoking Man, whose death was implied but not confirmed, the Lone Gunmen were shown to be killed by a deadly bioterrorist virus and then buried in the Arlington National Cemetary during the Season 9 episode entitled "Jump the Shark."

During the same panel, Carter stated that the first and last episodes of the reboot will be mythology-based, while the ones in between are standalones. Since the Lone Gunmen were key contributors to Mulder's ongoing conspiracy theories throughout the series, it seems likely they'll be featured in flashback sequences — unless they faked their own deaths, which has been a fan theory over the years. Plus, I must point out that characters have risen from the dead on The X-Files before — so, really, anything is possible.

Either way, fans are ecstatic and these reactions illustrate our excitement:

The return of the Lone Gunmen is just one more reason to be super psyched about the reboot of this iconic show. But, why is January so far away?

Image: FOX