Why Not Dress Up Like Hermione This Halloween?

I know it's been years since the last Harry Potter movie — and the last Harry Potter book, for that matter — came out, but it's clear that the popularity of the series hasn't waned at all in recent years. In fact, fans are as fervent and dedicated to the wizarding world as they ever were, and new generations of fans are constantly discovering J.K. Rowling's genius work. It's pretty inspiring, and frankly, I totally understand the draw. Admittedly, I still watch one of the movies at least once a month, and they never get old. I love Harry Potter — Hermione Granger in particular — and I also love Halloween, and since the latter is coming up in just a few short weeks, why shouldn't we combine the two? That's right: I'm here to help you make the best Hermione Granger Halloween costume money can buy/your hands can create. It'll be quick, it'll be easy, and it'll be amazing — I promise.

Of course, you could dress up like any one of the HP characters, but Hermione is my girl, and she's the most natural choice. I'm not one for costumes that are too expensive or take too much effort, which makes this even more perfect. Hermione is blissfully low-maintenance (her badass status left little time for primping, thank goodness), meaning it'll take minimum time and energy to rock this look come All Hallow's Eve. You ready? Let's do it.

The Robe

It doesn't get much easier than getting an actual Harry Potter robe. An adult-sized robe is available via Amazon Prime (and it's only about $22, which is an absolute steal) and is basically, like, 95% of your outfit sorted already. While this is listed as a Harry Potter robe, thankfully all Hogwarts students wear the same uniform, meaning this is actually a Hermione robe, too (or a Ron robe, or even a Luna Lovegood robe!), so you're good to go.

Harry Potter Robe, $32, Amazon

The Wig

Hermione changed her hair quite a lot over the years, and if you naturally have a similar style to any one of hers over the years, you're in luck and won't need a wig at all. If you do need a wig, I recommend going with an early Hermione look as it's the most distinguishable (and that's what all the Hermione wigs seem to be going for).

Hermione Wig, $15, Ebay

The Wand

A wizard needs a wand, and Hermione has a great one. You can grab a lovely resin cast version of Hermione's wand from Etsy and you'll be practicing your "wingardium leviosa" right away. Perfect, right?

Hermiones Wand, $20, Etsy

The Time Turner

Frankly, your Hermione costume is already complete, but if you really want to kick things up another notch, you can grab Hermione's time turner necklace for $8 and pretend you're rushing off to do two classes at once. You overachiever, you.

Time Turner Necklace, $8, Etsy

Get out there and get your Hogwarts on this Halloween, and rest assured that no one knows more about ancient runes or troll bogies than you.

Images: Warner Bros.Pictures; Amazon; eBay; Etsy; eBay; Giphy (4)