8 Signs You Are The Hermione Granger Of Your 'Harry Potter'-Obsessed Friends Group

Harry was the chosen one, Ron was the funny, fearless sidekick, but Hermione is the Harry Potter character everyone wants to be — and no, that's not just because Emma Watson played her in the movies. Hermione has always been a hero in her own right: She is a passionate, brilliant witch with a big heart. While she wasn't vain, she went through the same growing pains every adolescent faces — so, when she let Madam Pomfrey shrink her teeth just a tad more than necessary, it only made Hermione more relatable. There simply is no way around it: Hermione is a boss.

Sadly, not everyone can be the Hermione of their friends group. As a proud Hufflepuff, I know I couldn't quite match Hermione's wits or strength to mind wipe her parents when necessary, but I can live with that. If you suspect you are a Hermione, then count yourself among the lucky ones. Every friends group needs someone with Hermione's quick-thinking, loyalty, and smarts to carry them through difficult times. Do you want to find out for sure whether or not you are the brightest witch of your age ... err, I mean friends group? Then, check out the eight qualities below. If you find yourself nodding along at each category, then congratulations, you are definitely the Hermione of your circle!

1. School Is Your Life

You genuinely love school and learning. The library is your favorite hangout spot and all of your friends ask you for help with their homework. Hermione loved nothing more than being the prized pupil, and you feel the exact same way. If for some reason you don't excel in a class, you begin to turn on the teacher and the subject because you know some things just aren't as important as others (like divination).

2. You Are A Perfectionist

You are your own worst critic. While some people get an "A-" and move on with their lives, you spend days agonizing about what went wrong. When there is a task at hand, no matter how big or small, you throw yourself into it 100 percent — "nothing is worth doing unless you plan on doing it right" is your life philosophy.

3. You Are Known As The Practical Friend

The title of most practical friend sounds boring... until your squad sets out on a spontaneous camping trip. If not for you, there would be no supplies, no snacks, nowhere to sleep, and no preparation, because sure enough, you totally did a comprehensive Internet search on starting campfires and not getting eaten by bears. Being practical goes hand-in-hand with being resourceful — and without you, your friends would be completely lost.

4. You Get Very Passionate About Causes You Believe In

Hermione was all about S.P.E.W., and even though her friends didn't always get her passion for liberating house elves, your gang is impressed by your desire to increase education, stand up for human rights, or volunteer every weekend. Your need to give back is one of your very best qualities, and one that would make Hermione proud.

5. Your Loyalty Is Unmatched

Whether you realize it or not, your friends all know they can call on you before they call on anyone else. Friendship means everything to you, and loyalty is a big part of that. Not only are you there when your friends need emotional support, you always stand up for them when others try to put them down. If someone is special enough to be in your friends group, there is no problem they will ever have to tackle alone.

6. You Have A Fiery Temper When Provoked

While you are even-tempered and logical above all else, even you have your limits. When someone pushes you too far, your temper flares and your friends know a scorched Earth situation is coming. Chances are, you have that one friend who can get under your skin like no other, and your constant old married couple bickering is both annoying and adorable to your other friends.

7. You Make The Hard Choices

When things get real, you are the one who makes the heard choices. It's not easy for your friends to keep a level head in a bad situation, but you are capable of putting your personal feelings aside in order to make the best possible decision for everyone involved. It's both a blessing and a curse to hold this position within your group, because it means never letting your emotions lead you when a situation gets complicated.

8. You Embrace Your Achievements

Demure simply is not in your vocabulary. You know you are talented and you won't deny it. You embrace your achievements, and because of your confidence, your friends feel like they too can be more confident in turn. When you are actually awesome, it's perfectly fine to know it.

Are you the Hermione of your friends group after all? If so, I hope your Rons and Harrys know how lucky they are to have you in their lives.

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