Meet Target's First Plus Size Male Model

Oftentimes when looking through the "Big And Tall" sections of retailers, you'll likely be surprised by just how many of the models don't necessarily call to mind either trait. One widely beloved retailer, however, is doing things a little different. Meet Target's male plus size model Zach Miko, a 6'6" guy from New York who actually wears those XXL tall tees.

Target is arguably one of the few big department stores making progress when it comes to model diversity, in ways that many brands have yet to even try. The retailer has featured gay couples on wedding registry advertisements and created swimsuit campaigns featuring women with all body types. As body positivity and size inclusivity infiltrate the sartorial world, however, plus size men have often been left out of the picture by most brands.

"With everything that's been going on with women's fashion and body inclusivity and self-image, it's interesting that male brands have [just started] stepping up to do the same thing," Miko told People in an interview. "It's fun to be on the precipice of that."

Like most humans growing up in this world, Miko told the publication that he's struggled with self esteem issues his entire life. Thanks to the support of his wife and this opportunity with Target, however, he's starting to feel more confident and hopes that others will start loving themselves as well.

"My main message to people is, 'Why not now? Why can’t you feel attractive the way you are right now?'" Miko told People. "It's great to be more fit, more healthy, more active, but that doesn't mean who you are right now is invalid, or that who you are right now isn't an attractive person. We need to keep seeing bigger, smaller. We need to see every body type. We need to see that every type of person is beautiful."

Amen to that.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see that Target is incorporating a plus size male model into its lineup. There's still a long way to go before it'll no longer be "news" when a brand features a model above a certain size, but it's steps like these that help make that future a reality.

Images: Courtesy Target