'Gilmore Girls' Dance Marathon Halloween Costumes That Will Help You Fit Right In With Stars Hollow

If Gilmore Girls is your favorite show, there is a good chance you've thought of a Halloween costume based off Gilmore Girls. Whether you are flying solo or hitting the town with your best friend (or your mom), the fast-talking, coffee-obsessed Gilmores make for great Halloween costume inspiration. Now, you could pick any episode — but if you want fellow fans to instantly recognize who you are, then Lorelai and Rory's dance marathon costumes from Season 3's "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" is the way to go. Not only do you get the pleasure of being your favorite TV character for the night, but you also get to channel your inner '40s fashionista.

Since retro styles are very "in" at moment, finding dresses to match Lorelai's and Rory's is not only a breeze, it is affordable (and, as an added bonus you can rock both dresses after Halloween and no one will bat an eye). As for Lorelai and Rory's fabulous hair and makeup, both styles are just a YouTube tutorial away.

The best part about using the Gilmores dance marathon for inspiration is you are going look totally original as you pay homage to one of the best episodes of the show. Just try not to break up with your boyfriend like Rory did — it made her night a downer, and no one wants to ruin their perfectly applied era-appropriate mascara on Halloween.

The Dresses

Between Rory and Lorelai's looks, Rory's is the easiest to replicate. The breezy red, polka-dotted dress is such a timeless look, there are plenty of options out there. Finding a dress that matches the sleeve-length is trickier, but if you are willing to compromise for a capped sleeve or sleeveless garb instead, then you can get a close match for a decent price. My favorite is the "All She Wants to do is Prance" dress from Modcloth. Not only is it affordable, but it comes in sizes S-4XL.

"All She Wants to do is Prance" Dress, $20, Modcloth

Pair with some simple faux pearl earrings, your most delicate necklace, and some killer retro pumps, and you've got the look down. Make sure the dress is episode-appropriate by pinning a piece of paper with Rory's dancer number "67" printed on it, so everyone will know you're off to the Stars Hallow dance marathon.

Lorelai's dress is much harder to replicate because it's so detailed. There's a gorgeous, striped tulle overlay, but it also appears to have a silky quality and it is a halter. Leave it to Lorelai to find such a totally unique and vintage-tastic dress.

Don't give up hope though: Just because you can't find an exact replica (unless you happen to know someone who worked in the Gilmore Girls wardrobe department), doesn't mean you can't get close. I have two picks: The first is Modcloth's "Proove Your Groove" dress. It's navy and has lots of detailing. Sure, it's not a halter and it doesn't have any tulle, but you could put a tulle skirt under the dress. It's not a complete match, but it creates a very Lorelai effect.

Proove Your Groove" Dress, $17, Poshmark

If that's not quite the look you are going for, then Unique Vintage has a black swing dress with a tulle overlay. It's not available in navy blue, but the detailing is gorgeous. Again, add a very simple necklace, some silver heels (don't get too in character and break yours mid-night the way Lorelai did) and the number "67" to complete the look. Swearing to beat Kirk loudly and often will really drive home who you are if anyone is left with any doubt.

Black Swing Dress, $78, Unique Vintage

The Hair & Makeup

Guys, you won't have to wear a wig for this costume! If you are anything like me, then that is basically the best news ever. If you want to get Lorelai's hair, break out your curling iron, add volume, secure with two silver hairpins (I would go for something with a classic touch like these).

For Rory's hair, curl your hair and then loosely braid it (if your hair is short, then try a '40s short hair tutorial). As for the makeup, there is an excellent '40s makeup YouTube tutorial from Karima McKimmie. Really, just make sure you get a red lipstick that pops and you are good to go:

Karima McKimmie on YouTube

Now, you are all set to channel your inner Gilmore Girl! Go forth and make the Lorelais proud this Halloween.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (3); Modcloth (2), Unique Vintage