13 Tattoos Inspired By T. Swift Herself

Taylor Swift clearly has a very dedicated fan base. Not only do her tours sell out in minutes and her albums become number one faves on iTunes almost instantly, but she has fans who are willing to tattoo her words onto their bodies forever through Taylor Swift inspired tattoos. That's quite the commitment, right? Whether it's lyrics directly from a T. Swift song or a subtle nod to the singer, lovers of the 25-year-old pop star are often more than willing to commemorate her vast knowledge of life and love with ink.

As with any singer, Swift's music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think any human with feelings can admit that she has a way with words. Swift can basically articulate everything you've ever felt, whether it's an existential dilemma sparked by this crazy universe, the emotional trauma of going through a breakup, or how one legitimately feels happy, free, confused, and lonely at 22 (or all ages?). Throw in Swift's loving interactions with fans on Tumblr and IRL, and you can totally understand why someone would want to honor her with a permanent memento.

Some people get lyrics and some simply get "13" (Swift's favorite number, duh) tattooed on their bodies, but it's clear that Swift is an inspiration to them all. So here are 13 — see what I did there? — tattoos inspired by the singer/songwriter herself.

1. These Lyrics From "Clean"

"When I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe." Taylor Swift's ability to turn a negative into a positive is seriously striking.

2. This Catchy Line From "Out Of The Woods"

"The monsters turned out to be just trees." What a great reminder that everything is not always as it seems.

3. This Line From "Starlight"

"Dream impossible dreams," because, well, nothing is impossible.

4. This Beautiful Watercolor Of Tay's 1989 Artwork

This is for a very dedicated fan, and the final product is incredibly beautiful.

5. This White Ink "Fearless" Tattoo

This white tattoo is so subtle and eerily pretty.

6. The Heart That T. Swift Likes To Add To Her Autograph

Only a true fan would likely recognize that this tat is in honor of Swifty.

7. These Very Accurate lyrics From "Bad Blood"

No truer words have ever been written.

8. This Design With A "13" For Taylor

This one is the perfect way to subtly incorporate Swift's spirit into a tattoo.

9. These Words Of Wisdom

Taylor Swift said this in an interview with Seventeen in 2008 and the quote (obviously) still rings true seven years later.

10. This Colorful Rendition Of Lyrics From "Blank Space"

It's just so pretty.

11. This Line From "New Romantics"

"The best people in life are free." If you have to buy someone's affections, they probably don't deserve you.

12. These Lyrics From "Ours"

A friendly reminder that haters gonna hate.

13. This Classic Tattoo

Live fearlessly and unapologetically, everyone. That's what Tay would want.