7 Creative Ways To Be A Better Kisser

Kissing isn’t really all that difficult. It’s pretty easy to learn how to do, and exceptionally fun. Most of us are past our awkward kissing stage, where we didn’t really know what to do with our tongues. Despite that, though, a few creative kissing tips never hurt anyone. We may no longer be in middle school wondering how exactly we put our lips together and kiss like we see on TV. And maybe we’ve done a fair share of kissing to know our own personal style, along with our likes and dislikes. We've probably even tried some unique kissing techniques that we've read worked in a magazine, or saw in a Lifetime movie. With all that being said, we should always be improving ourselves, right? That means in every area of our lives — including kissing.

Just because you think you’ve got your kissing game down and set doesn’t mean you can spice things up here and there. As a matchmaker for It's Just Lunch Seattle and dating expert, I know how much emphasis is placed on the kiss. Maybe with a couple helpful tips you can show your next kissing partner that they haven’t seen it all just yet. So, open up your minds when it comes to opening up your mouth. Here are seven unexpected ways to kiss better.

1. Try An Out Of The Blue Kiss

People generally like surprises, so why not surprise your mate with a kiss? Smooch your partner out of the blue and others will be green with envy. Getting a kiss when you know it is awfully nice, but receiving a kiss when you least expect it will have your partner on the tips of his/her toes.

2. Highlight The Tongue

Keeping your lips soft and kissable is crucial, but it won’t matter if you don’t know how to use that tongue of yours. I’m not saying you should go full force with your tongue and engage in a tongue-takeover with your mate. I’m just suggesting being creative with your tongue activity. Lick your lovers lips with your tongue. Or, use more for a moment and then slow it down giving only a taste of your tongue.

3. Make Them Want More

Leaving your kissing partner wanting more is key. Your partner shouldn’t think, “well, I’ve seen it all” when it comes to your smooching skills. That’s why changing it up with your speed, adding in new tricks and kissing at unexpected times will make your lover always wanting more. Furthermore, don’t give away all your kisses at once. If you say, “I love you” all the time, sometimes it’s not as special. Same goes with kisses, leave your partner wishing for more.

4. Focus On The Lips

When you kiss someone with amazing lips, you usually feel like you’re in kissing heaven. Take this one step further and make your lips taste delicious. This will work in your favor if you know your partner’s favorite flavors. Then, you can go and buy chapstick accordingly.

5. ... But Don’t Stick To Just The Lips

You don’t always need to strictly focus on your partner’s lips only. Play with it! Go for his or her bottom lip sometimes, or even a kiss on the forehead can make your lover feel like a million dollars. Furthermore, bring the hickey back. They’re not only fun to give, but even more fun to get.

6. Talk About It

Kissing isn’t only about the act itself. Lead up to the kiss by talking about it. Think of it as kissing foreplay. Whisper in your partner’s ear how you want him or her to kiss you, or vice-versa. Text your sweetie throughout the day about how much you want to make-out with him or her. Sometimes actions don’t always speak louder than words…

7. Remember: Location, Location, Location

It’s all about the location. Sure, a hot make-out session in bed is amazing. But so is grabbing a hold of your love and kissing him or her in the middle of a hike. Or, at a family gathering, pull your partner into a hidden and room and get your peck on. The best kiss can be when you least expect it, even if it’s in a grocery store.

Now that you know these tips, it's up to you to show the world just how well you can get your smooch on.

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