How To Dress Like Your Favorite Power Couples

Besides the air of celebration and consumption of tons of candy, Halloween is an ideal time for changing up your look and embodying someone or something else. In my opinion, you’re never too old to dress up for Halloween, and what better source is there for inspiration than power couple costume ideas? Taking a queue from beloved pairs in pop culture can make for costume magic. For one, these outfits are perfect conversation starters at a party. Since they're not in-your-face types of ensembles, people will also likely try to guess what you are all night (and that sense of mystery can be quite fun).

That being said, the best part of dressing up like a power couple with your significant other or your BFF is that most of the pieces you'll need for the outfit can be found in your own closet or purchased for much less than that ready to wear Marilyn Monroe costume at your local party store. I mean, seriously, are you ever going to wear your zombie get-up out in public after Halloween? Probably not. Luckily, when my boyfriend and I started thinking about dressing like power couples, I was able to put several looks together instantly without having to break out a glue gun or craft supplies.

Whether you’re dying to try something new and be different from everyone else or need some last-minute ideas, these power couples might be exactly what you’re looking for. Avoid breaking the bank and check out these affordable alternatives to wear with your boo or BFFL.

1. Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

There's no mistaking a Kim and Kanye look. With the right pouty facial expression for Kardashian and a grim frown for West, this costume is all about the attitude.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To embody Kardashian, a tight black dress and heels are must-haves. West has been really low key with his style lately, so minimal effort is required here. Black sweats and sneakers are definitely the way to go.

H&M Jersey Dress, $29.99,

ASOS Curve Midi Bodycon Dress, $44.79,

H&M Sweatpants, $19.99,

Kohl's Big & Tall Tek Gear Full Zip-Hoodie, $34.99,

2. Shakira And Gerard Pique

With Shakira's amazing vocal skills and Pique's moves on the soccer field, these two make for a fierce power couple. Use a soccer ball as a prop for a foolproof look, of course.

David Ramos/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As a mom to two adorable kids, Shakira's style these days is pretty laid back. She's often seen rocking T-shirts, flannels, jeans, and caps to her husband's soccer games. When it comes to dressing up as Pique, athletic shorts are ideal. Top the looks of with Barcelona soccer jerseys for costumes that are both comfortable and spot-on.

H&M Long Flannel Shirt, $24.99,

Torrid Plaid Camp Shirt, $44.50,

Nike 2015/16 FC Barcelona Core Trainer, $75,

3. Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher

A loving power couple like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have their own unique sense of style. These two have come a long way since their days on That '70s Show and it shows in their effortlessly cool outfits.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For this costume, I swapped out Kutcher's cowboy hat for a baseball cap because it's what he usually wears and is easier to recognize. A plain white T-shirt, a bandanna, and blue jeans with a huge belt buckle will tie the look together. To channel your inner Kunis, wear an embroidered white crop top with shorts or jeans, a leather belt, and sunglasses.

Forever 21 Floral Crochet Top, $15.90,

Torrid Tripp Lace Inset Corset, $35.48, t

Forever 21 Classic Faux Leather Belt, $6.90,

ASOS Lyle & Scott, $35.83,

Country Outfitters Star Antiquated Attitude Buckle, $24.95,

4. Beyonce And Jay Z

When Queen Bey and Jay Z aren't taking over the world, these two can likely be found traveling and sightseeing. This costume makes for a fun and casual alternative to their glam stage outfits.

To snag Beyoncé and Jay Z's looks, details are the key. Wear a black brim floppy hat and gather your hair into two braids. Finish off the outfit with an American flag shirt. A Yankees cap and fitted, gray, zip-up hoodie will bring together Jay Z's outfit.

Old Navy Cool Graphic Crop Tanks, $4.99,

Torrid American Flag Racerback Tank Top, $20.98,

Forever 21 Wide Brim Wool Fedora, $24.90,

H&M Hooded Jacket, $14.99,

Lids New York Yankees Cap, $21.99,

5. Clark Kent (Superman) And Lois Lane

Personally, I love a classic power couple like Superman and Lois Lane. I mean, how much more powerful can you actually get? If you're searching for an obvious power couple that your crew can instantly figure out, these two are it.

A simple, structured trench coat is all you really need for Lois Lane's look. That and a fake ID card to get into The Daily Planet offices and a reporter's notepad. To pull off Clark Kent, wear a collared button down shirt with tan khaki pants. Add a Superman T-shirt and tie underneath for an unexpected surprise.

H&M Trenchcoat, $40,

Forever 21 Plus Size Double Breasted Coat, $47.90,

Kohls Superman Shield Tee, $12.99,

Now you have everything you need to represent power incarnate this All Hallow's Eve. Who knows? Maybe you'll have so much fun being bosses and queens that you'll even start channeling these couples every day.

Images: Thalia Ortiz; Warner Bros (1)