Mac And Cheese...Grilled Cheese?

Time to break out the Lactaid, everyone. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of the Internet, a food scientist slash crazed genius has created the ultimate cheese lover's recipe: A deep-fried macaroni and cheese grilled cheese. Let me repeat that: A deep-fried macaroni and cheese grilled cheese. I don't even know what part of that phrase to emphasize — the homemade blocks of macaroni and cheese? The way they're fried to a delicious crisp? The cheese that's sandwiched in the middle like some sort of heart-stopping, oozy ticket to happiness? In other words, it's your digestive system's worst nightmare, but it's not like that's ever stopped anyone before.

We have food blog Dude Foods to thank for this foray into food-based biological warfare (but oh, how sweet a death it would be). The author created the recipe for as part of a request for a dish containing lots of "visibly melted cheese." Little did they know what madness was in store. Rather than just grilling some mac and cheese between slices of bread and calling it a day, Dude Foods decided to go all out. First, he made macaroni and cheese from scratch, froze it, and cut the dish into bread-sized chunks. He then deep-fried the hunks of mac and cheese, because this man is committed. Finally, he grilled six slices of Havarti between the "bread" slices, and lo! His creation was complete.

My God. I think I had a heart attack just from the picture.

Between fried chicken breaded with waffle batter, cheeseburger-stuffed doughnuts, Nutellasagna, and Dude Foods' latest creation, I'm left with just one conclusion: Some people just want to watch the world burn.

If you think your arteries can handle the attempt, you can find the recipe for deep-fried macaroni and cheese grilled cheese — which is a mouthful, figuratively and literally — at Dude Foods. Maybe keep some antacids on hand, though, just in case.

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Images: Brent Hofacker/Fotolia; Giphy (2)