Who's Blowing The Horn On 'The Walking Dead'? The "JSS" Preview Inspires An Interesting Possiblity

Rick Grimes' militaristic plan to redirect a herd of Walkers on The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere was going along fine ... and then a single sound turned it all around. Who's blowing the horn on The Walking Dead ? As the episode ends, the deafening sound is drawing the herd off the road and into the woods right towards Alexandria, making it the opposite of a safe zone. Was this a warning? A foolish mistake? A calculated move to bring doom to everyone in Alexandria? No matter the reason, it was a chilling way to end the premiere.

Proximity-wise, the horn had to be coming from the same direction as the Alexandria Safe Zone. However, despite all of the mutiny talk in the episode, I hope that nobody within the walls of Alexandria would be ignorant enough to blow a horn like that. If you believe in crossovers (and a little bit of magic), then the obvious answer is Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones, who frequently used a horn in his attempts to mentally torture one of the show's main characters. Unfortunately, I don't think Rick and crew will be heading to Westeros anytime soon.

Enid was looking pretty shifty in the promo for next Sunday's episode, and the sneak peak during Talking Dead involved her trapped in a car and writing the initials "JSS" on the window. What does that mean? Could she have blown the horn? I doubt that one car horn was strong enough to make that sound, but we have to consider that the sound may have been a cry for help, rather than an act of evil.

That said, I still don't trust Father Gabriel, or that bratty kid Ron. There could be a rogue member of the Alexandria Safe Zone who seized the moment and put everyone in danger. We didn't see a lot of Carl in the episode, either ... maybe he's mad at being left behind and pulling an Amy March. However, being dead serious, it seems as if this is the work of the Wolves. We saw at the end of Season 5 that the Wolves use loud music to "herd" Walkers into trucks, setting traps for passers-by. They could have hijacked one of the cars or trucks, or even brought their own. We learned in last season's finale that the "wolves are coming" to The Walking Dead, and this mysterious horn may have been their heralding call.

Image: Gene Page/AMC