Is Maks Chmerkovskiy Single? The 'Dancing With The Stars' Pro Finally Put An End To The Maksyl Rumors

No one does showmance quite as well as Dancing with the Stars — after all, it doesn't get much more romantic than emotional (and heavily-sequined) ballroom dancing, right? And, you know who tops the list of the best 'ships of seasons past? Why, DTWS pair Maksyl, of course. So, what's up with them? Did they ever "happen?" In other words, is Maks Chmerkovskiy currently dating anyone? And, how about his dancing partner (and maybe then some) Meryl Davis?

Well, rather unfortunately for us, the pair never made it official — though they did make several public appearances together following their big win (as well as rather regular appearances on each other's respective Instagram accounts for a while there). But, now, they're very officially not together — because after all that happy, smooth sailing 'shipping, this past August, everyone rooting for Meryl and Maks got the last nail in the Maksyl coffin when Maks and fellow dancing pro Peta Murgatroyd went public with their relationship.

Maks and Peta actually dated back in 2012 and 2013, so as unfortunate as it is that Maks is now off the market, the couple's reunion is a happy one. Judging by their various social media accounts, it looks like the pair is enjoying their respective breaks from the ballroom (Maks quit the show a few seasons back, and Peta is currently benched with a serious foot injury). It seems that Maks has been quite the attentive boyfriend, helping Peta through her recovery period with adorable stay-home date nights. But, relaxation aside, it looks like Maks will soon be returning to the ballroom.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yep, almost a year out from his big Dancing with the Stars win, Maks will be coming back to the competition... as a judge, that is. Following longtime head judge Len Goodman's departure from the show, DWTS has been employing quite the rotation of guest judges — and Maks is the newest addition to the bunch. The famously acid-tongued dancer is sure to make for quite the shake-up on the show's panel, so his stint as a guest judge is definitely something to look forward to. Plus, how awesome would it be if he brought Peta with him? After all, Peta's expressed a desire to stay involved with the show, even as she recovers from her injury — and a joint appearance from the preternaturally fleet-footed couple would be a definite boon for all of our showmance-loving, 'ship-happy hearts.