Lady Gaga's All-Black Outfits Serve Different Purposes — PHOTOS

All-black ensembles can sometimes lack visual interest, even if it's your go-to color palette. Lady Gaga wore three different black outfits recently, each with totally different fashion skews. Mother Monster, who was spotted wearing a ball gown at the airport, looked fabulous in each ensemble, worn for different professional and personal purposes.

The singer wore a black leather jacket, a leather top, loose men's trousers, and lace up platform boots worthy of an astronaut while dining in NYC with her parents and her fiancé Taylor Kinney. Even her handbag was structured and black. Gaga was truly monochromatic, save for her shock of white blonde hair.

She didn't even turn things up with a slick of red lipstick! She was pretty much fresh-scrubbed while donning biker babe x rocker chick chic; Gaga has been slaying with vintage rock tees this year, indulging her inner rock 'n' roll fan more often than not. The boots gave her the lift she desires, since Gaga seems most at home when she is a few inches off the ground thanks to shoes.

It was an outfit perfect for fall that pulled its fashion forwardness from the fact that there were a few leather elements in place.

Check out Gaga the badass in all black.

All the pieces in the outfit fit perfectly, like a fashion jigsaw puzzle.

Gaga also wore a black tank and faded, gray jeans while posting with Italian tenors Il Volo and her crooner bestie Tony Bennett. The casual ensemble was dosed with glam thanks to her blingy belt and a swipe of crimson lipstick.

But how about her other, fancy black outfit? Well, she donned a black, strapless gown with serious bling around her neck, fire engine red lips, and wore her hair swept up into a twist. It was classic Old Hollywood screen siren and she posted the images on Instagram. She likely didn't wear each of her all-black ensembles on the same day, but the photos all landed in the same 24-hour period.

This is about as Marilyn Monroe-like as Gaga gets.

Gaga's blonde bombshell look was utterly gorgeous and pulled from Hollywood's golden age.

All-black isn't boring. Lady Gaga's recent monochromatic ensembles demonstrate the versatility of dressing in this color palette.

Images: GaGasForum, MiguelMonster96, Il Volo/Twitter; Lady Gaga/Instagram (2)