Reema Acra's Bridal Selfie Sticks Are So Pretty

The bridal bouquet is a staple of wedding ceremonies. After the dress, the ring, and the hair, the flowers the bride carries down the aisle are a critical element of her look. Well, the bridal bouquet might be supplanted by the bridal selfie sticks in Reem Acra's 2016 fashion show. Is this the new bridal accessory? Perhaps.

As Racked noted, the Reem Acra bridal selfie sticks, which models held while strutting down the runway, were not the usual clunky accessories we require when using our digital gadgets. Instead, the selfie sticks matched the fabulous gowns.

They were so prettily designed, decorated with fancy things like glitter, sequins, bows, and ribbons, which made them so wedding-ready.

At first I thought, "Can't a bride put down her cell phone on the biggest day of her life? Does it really need to be an electronic handcuff as she gets married? What is she forgets to turn off the ringer and interrupts her vows?"

Then I had the epiphany about the brilliance of a bridal selfie stick, which could be threatening the dominance of the long-held bouquet. If you properly adorn and bling out a selfie stick, it will be fancy, and coordinated with the dress. It's also another way to get creative. It also drags wedding traditions into the 21st century, since we all live in the digital age.

In addition to wielding selfie sticks, the models were also rocking headphones in lieu of veils. Could you imagine wedding-inspired Beats by Dre 'phones, in case you want to drown out the church organ when waltzing down the aisle or to ignore the crying relatives?

In all seriousness, here's why I think a wedding selfie stick would slay, besides the fact that it messes with the norm, which I am always down for.

On her wedding a day, a bride is at the mercy of the photographer snapping her in all sorts of scenarios: getting ready, standing by a window, greeting her groom, cutting the cake, posing with the groomsmen, and many other set ups. She has absolutely no control over how she is seen or shot by the camera.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When taking a selfie, the bride would be able to retain total control over how she looks, from the pout, the pose, and the posture. If a bride wants to do an aerial shot while letting her bottom lip jut out, she should be able to it. It's her big day. She should be able to fill her Twitter or Instagram feed with all the wedding selfies she wants, instead of solely waiting for the pro photographer's proofs to come back.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We live in an age where selfies are the norm. The biggest and most fashionable day of a woman's life should now adapt for this change.


Plus, the bouquet needn't be totally ditched. The selfie stick can be woven into the flowers. I think I am totally onto something.