Princess Madeleine Makes Flower Crowns Chic

Flower crowns have been a popular item for Instagram fashion girls and music festival goers alike for a while now, but the accessory has been reimagined in the best way now: Princess Madeleine of Sweden wore flowers in her hair to celebrate the christening of her son, Prince Nicolas. Oh, and this was no garden variety flower crown — it was more like a flower fascinator. The oversized violet-hued blooms were pinned to the side of her head, and they provided the perfect amount of drama to her swept-up hairdo. Plus, the flowers looked absolutely lovely with her elegantly day dress, which was printed with gorgeously rendered feathers.

The christening made for quite the affair — the whole Swedish royal family was in attendance, and they were all dressed like... well, royalty. Princess Madeleine led the fashion charge with her gorgeous dress and even more gorgeous headwear, but her sister, Princess Sofia, looked quite chic as well — she too wore a fascinator; hers featured an oversized pink bow, and some fabulously retro netting. For her part, Princess Victoria went for a more traditional purple pillbox hat, and she paired it perfectly with a matching sleekly-cut empire-waisted dress. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at Princess Madeleine's winsome fashion moment.

Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Those flowers really are something else, right? They're nothing short of glamorous, and they're absolutely perfect for the occasion. (And how adorable is Prince Nicolas?).

We may not all be royalty, but it's definitely a look worth trying out — you know, next time one of your relatives is being christened or you have to act as patron for your charity of choice... at any rate, here are a few shopping options to get your regal headgear game on.

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And there you have it: Easy ways to give this high-impact look a try.

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