4 Stunning Kate Middleton Halloween Costume Ideas

It's a universal truth in this world that everyone wants to be Kate Middleton. And by "universal truth" I mean "a fact that I just made up" and by "everyone" I mean my mom, who modeled her own wedding dress after Princess Diana's. In all seriousness, it probably is somehow a scientific fact that the aspiration to become Kate Middleton is alive and real, and there is no better way to live out that fantasy than on Halloween, when you can transform yourself into a literal princess — just by following the easy steps below. Are you ready to assemble your Kate Middleton Halloween costume? Because it's about to happen.

First of all, it's basically impossible to choose one certain Kate Middleton look, just because they're all so iconic and the woman is a walking fashion plate. Which is exactly why you can round up three of your equally Kate Middleton-obsessed friends and each go as different Kate Middletons, one for four different important fashion moments in her life. Or, if you need multiple costumes this year, try out a couple of these at different parties. It will be epic — like a Halloween fit for a queen. Or a Duchess of Cambridge.

Pieces You'll Need For All 4 Costume Options

Kate Middleton Wig

Yandy, maker of those "let's turn this totally neutral costume idea into something weirdly sexy" ensembles, actually came through with this legit Kate Middleton-esque wig. Or, if you already have long brown hair, give it a nice blowout and you're good to go.

Engagement Ring

Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The same one that Prince Charles used to propose to Princess Diana, Kate Middleton now sports her late mother-in-law's stunning sapphire engagement ring. There are many (many) inexpensive replicas out there, but here are a ton of options that you can get for around $10 (or less!) on eBay.

Now, onto the costumes...

Option #1: Wedding Dress Kate Middleton


If you want to be Wedding Kate (and really, who doesn't?), my advice is to break up the ensemble into several pieces. While you can go and spend a whopping amount of money on a lookalike dress that you'll probably wear just this once, it actually makes way more sense to separate it out. Plus, you can rock any of these pieces individually for a little ~Kate Middleton flair~, even when it's not Halloween.

Channel Kate Middleton's Lace Sleeves With This Gorgeous Shirt

Get this stunning lace So Perla top.

And The Rest Of Her Dress With This Lacy Skirt

Depending on how tall you are, the skirt should be so long that it will cover your shoes, so any pumps (or even flats, let's be real) will do fine. This lace version that would work perfectly is at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Plus, You Can't Forget The Veil

Wedding Tiara with Veil, $15, Party City

This one comes included with the tiara!

Option #2: Post-Princess Charlotte Birth Kate Middleton

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because only Kate Middleton could look this glamorous a few hours after having a child.

Rock This White-And-Yellow Flowered Dress

Nab this bad boy on ASOS. (I'm actually seriously impressed with how close I got.)

Plus A Fake Baby

You know, when you're done using it for your Impending Fatherhood Louis Tomlinson costume. Honestly, just wrap the baby doll up in a long, white dish towel. It will save you money and everyone will get the idea!

Option #3: Post-Prince George Birth Kate Middleton

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Kate Middleton just gave birth to the Future King of England in this picture, and yet she looks just as radiant as ever.

Blue Dress

Polkadot Pleated Dress, $27, OASAP

It's a little I Love Lucy-esque, but for just $21, this adorable OASAP dress totally does the trick. Again, just carry around your dish-cloth-baby-doll and wear the wig and the ring, and you're good to go.

Option #4: Fashion Show Kate Middleton

It's long been rumored that this see-through number is what won Prince William over when Kate was in a fashion show at St. Andrews, so go after all those regal guys this Halloween as Fashion Show Kate.

Bathing Suit

Take off the straps of this bandeau bikini top and you're good to go. Bonus: Wear this thing at the beach all summer long. Grab this bikini set on Amazon

And This Coverup

Grab this beach coverup at good ol' Target

And there you have it! Happy Halloween!

Images: Yandy; So Perla; Abercrombie & Fitch; Party City; ASOS; Drugstore.com; OASAP; Amazon; Target