The 'W/Bob & David' Trailer Is Excellent — VIDEO

If you're a Mr. Show fan, your Monday is about to get a whole lot better: Netflix released the first trailer for W/Bob & David, and it was well worth the wait. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross return on November 13 on the streaming service for four precious episodes of their new sketch comedy series, and lovers of their cult HBO series Mr. Show are sure to love this preview that dropped on Monday. Though it's been 17 years since the final episode of Mr. Show aired, W/Bob & David promises the same smart, subversive, surrealist comedy — and it's especially welcome since the brilliant Key & Peele went off the air.

W/Bob & David will have relatively the same format as Mr. Show, combining live bits with pre-taped sketches, and this trailer should get you pumped. But Odenkirk stresssed in an in interview with Vanity Fair in September that W/Bob & David will not be an out-and-out reboot: "In the comedic voice it will feel very much like Mr. Show — how could it not? We wrote it and are in it. If we wrote a narrative film it would feel like Mr. Show. But structurally it will be more carefree, and move faster, and not be afraid to have a tonal moment that isn’t grounded in a joke. In fact, each episode will start with just such a moment — inspired by Breaking Bad — which we never even considered for Mr. Show," the 52-year old comedian said. It seems like, going forward, the marked difference between Mr. Show and W/Bob & David is the topicality — while Mr. Show generally didn't comment too much on current events, we see in this new trailer for the Netflix series commentary on cops, social media, the ridiculous nature of network television, and beyond.

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It's bound to be a treat for viewers who have been waiting forever for David Cross and Bob Odenkirk to reunite to produce more bizarre, ostentatious and genius comedy, but W/Bob & David is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy, even those who are not fans of the original HBO series which garnered an incredible cult following in the years after it went off the air. And though W/Bob & David will unfortunately only have four, half-hour episodes, you can catch ALL of Mr. Show on YouTube these days if you don't have an HBOGo account.

And the new series will feature tons of guest stars, including some Mr. Show alums: Paul F. Tompkins, Jill Talley, Jay Johnston, John Ennis, and Brian Posehn are all slated to appear, plus more. Watch the trailer, then catch up on Mr. Show before November 13.

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