Jessica Danforth May Go From 'Arrow' Friend To Foe

It seems like there are two types of people in the world of Arrow: The really good, and the really bad. If a character lives in Star City long enough, they either become a crime-fighting superhero or someone who is trying to destroy the city. Now, a big new presence is making her way up the ranks of the political system and it's anyone's guess as to what her intentions are. Oliver Queen already has the looming threat of Damien Dahrk to deal with, but just who is Jessica Danforth on Arrow , and what does she want for Star City?

Played by sci-fi TV staple Jeri Ryan (Helix, Star Trek: Voyager, Dark Skies), Jessica is an associate of the Queen family whose "political ambitions will place her in the crosshairs of a menacing antagonist," according to Access Hollywood. Based on her name, the character has likely been created for the television series and has no comic book counterpart, so it's difficult to be certain about the future of this new political presence. Of course, there's always the chance that she takes up the mantle of a familiar DC Comics figure. While it's likely that Jessica is a trustworthy and upstanding politician, it's just as likely that she has a great evil plan for taking over Star City. Either way, I have some theories as to how she'll develop after her introduction to the series.

Jessica Danforth Could Be A Good Guy!

It feels like everyone on Arrow who is given a first and last name eventually throws on a Vigilante outfit and starts fighting crime. Jessica Danforth, aside from being in a prime position to do good work, is a friend of the Queen family. While the Queen family wasn't always known for its strong moral compass, Oliver and Thea have been doing good work for Star City, and it makes sense that Danforth would follow suit in her political career.

Jessica Danforth Could Be A Bad Guy!

Anyone in Star City who is trying to get in a position of power, be it in the political world or one of the many corporations, likely has ulterior motives. Jessica's relationship with the Queen parents is also suspicious, as they weren't always the just and righteous family that they are today. Previous mayor Sebastian Blood worked with Slade to try and overrun Star City with destruction and Mirakuru soldiers, so it's not unprecedented for a Star City mayor to be a villain.

Jessica Danforth Will Almost Definitely Die.

The mayors of Star City all have on big thing in common: They've all died. They didn't suffer deaths from average problems either, like heart disease or car accidents. Mayor Altman was killed by vigilante group The Hoods. Mayor Sebastian Blood was killed by Queen Consolidated CEO and evil person Isabel Rochev. Mayor Celia Castle died during an attack on the mayor's office. It's confusing why anyone who wanted to live would hope to be mayor of Star City, unless they were interested in giving a major overhaul to the budget for mayoral security. Whether Jessica Danforth tries to save the city, or tries to end it, she likely won't last on Arrow very long if she ever makes it into office.

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