The New Libra Moon Is Tonight, So Here's How To Celebrate It — Because Now Is The Perfect Time To Explore Your Relationships

It's Libra season — which is also the best season, in my honest opinion, and not just because it marks the arrival of my birthday. Libra is a sign that emphasizes interpersonal relationships, beauty and harmony, all of which are very nice things and definitely worth celebrating. Incidentally, there's a new moon tonight, making the whole thing a glorious new Libra moon party. But how, you ask? How should you celebrate the new Libra moon tonight? I've rounded up for excellent ideas for you. Right now is the perfect time to take a long look at your relationships, both with friends and romantic partners, so brace yourselves — it's about to get reeeeeeeal personal up in here.

Let's start with the overall vibe of new moons — "new" being the operative word. So fresh and so clean, new moons are a time to start over, re-evaluate, and begin new projects. Think of them as generally a time to clean house, and by house I mean your whole life. It's a great time to be alive, really.

Now, let's bring in the Libra element. Libras are all about balance and harmony and beauty and love. The combination of the two means that, tonight, we have the ability to take a hard look at our relationships, both our partners and ourselves, and discover new ways to bring about some serious balance. Try one of these four ideas — or try all of 'em. The sky is literally the limit, after all!

1. Backwards Facebook Stalk Yourself


To quote RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?" Before approaching your relationships, take a look at yourself and how you function both a friend and as a significant other. What do you need from a partnership? What can you improve upon? Spark your memory by going through old photos. There may be some downsides to technology, but having all of my memories from college in one place is something I'm forever grateful for.

2. Plan A Group Craft Project


The new moon always represents new opportunities and a fresh creative spirit. Collaborating with your friends on a long-term craft project — quilting is something that sounds awesome, for example — will help capitalize on your artistic energy. Setting goals and fulfilling them is also a great way to achieve a sense of accomplishment and sense of harmony in your life.

3. Write A Letter To Yourself


I recently saw bell hooks speak, and she made a really incredible point about the importance of being okay with being alone with yourself. Using the time to unplug and handwrite a letter to yourself, focusing on honesty and future goals, is a simple (and potentially mind-blowing) way to be alone with yourself. If only for a few minutes. It's scarier than you think, but also more important. Save the letter and re-read it in a year. How far have you come since then?

4. Write A Letter To Your Ex


Now is the time to make peace with your former flames. Honestly, I wouldn't even necessarily recommend sending it. But taking time to sit down, focus, and work out all of your unresolved feelings will ultimately lead to a better sense of a balance throughout your life. And that's what Libras are all about, to be honest. You know, scales and stuff.

Images: NASA Goddard Space/Flickr; Giphy (4)