Millennials Attended Their Own Funerals & Found The Meaning Of Life, Kind Of — VIDEO

If you haven't realized your worst fear yet, I suggest you give this Elite Daily video of Millennials attending their own funerals a quick watch. I did, and now I know that I will never voluntarily climb inside of a coffin unless someone was going to pay me with NYC pizza and a personal appearance by a talking Pizza Rat. It seems like these guys and girls are handling themselves much better than I would be.

Ever since I earned the title of "Millennial", I've been hearing it used in a negative context all over the news. It seems like we as a generation have collectively been labeled lazy and self involved. To that I say — we have to be self-involved. We claim we know ourselves by 25, and then BOOM. Quarter-life crisis here we come. And we can't help it! There are people who are not even old enough to see a PG-13 movie making millions off of online video content. Everyone keeps throwing around the words "branding" and "vertical platforms". We need to be self-involved because everyone around us is better than us! We are not lazy! We are working too hard and we are still not good enough!

Please use the break between these paragraphs as time to reflect on what I wrote. Adults, please do not send me angry letters, and Millennials, do not self-five. I stand by the statement that we are working too hard, but we are working too hard at making work not hard. We are constantly making up short cuts and new tech that helps us do less. OK, I'm going to stop here because if I think any harder about this, I'm going to have to ask my 12-year-old neighbor to talk me down. This is what I mean when I say — worst fear realized with these coffins and what not. Here are a few examples of Millennials not freaking out over their own funerals like I did the moment I saw this video.

1. The Initial Reaction

Why are they not all screaming? It's like they are looking at the face of death and going "meh, nothing special". I guess if this coffin came with an artisanal selection of gluten-free flatbread pizzas they would be singing a different tune.

2. The Important Discoveries

I've never thought about what I would like to wear to my own funeral. My death plan is to keep everyone in the dark about my wishes. Scratch that. I know myself and I don't feel like haunting people after I pass away. I'll just lay it out here and if in the future one of my relatives stumbles upon this while browsing the internet with their google eye implants they'll know what to do.

I want a lot of alcohol, dancing and everyone needs to tell funny stories about our time together. No crying and lots of meet-cutes between guests. I want my death to be the source of many romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant's clone robot.

3. Finally, The Stuff Not About Us — Sort Of

After the initial shock of being in a coffin, the video subjects start to think about what it means to have a meaningful life. I think everything they said was spot on. At the end of the day, even Millennials know that this whole world is bigger than just us.

Watch the full video below. Maybe it will save you the time and energy of sneaking into our local mortuary to try this out for yourselves.

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