6 Songs 'The Voice' Winner Sawyer Fredericks Should Cover Next

Last season, it was hard not to get distracted by his luscious blonde locks every time Sawyer Fredericks took the stage on The Voice — until he opened his mouth to sing, of course. He might only be 16 years old, but if you traded places with Adam Levine on during that first audition night and listened to only his voice, you'd think it'd be coming out of someone much older. He's obviously incredibly talented (talented enough to become the show's youngest winner ever, actually), and since he's still relatively new to the scene, much of the performances he's known for have been Fredericks putting his own twist on the songs he loves. Between his performances on The Voice and on his YouTube channel, it's clear that Fredericks is destined for success — especially where his cover songs are concerned.

And even though Fredericks is far more likely to be found on his family's farm than playing gigs all over LA, his talent is way too impressive to waste. Hopefully, he's planning on making a surprise appearance on this season of The Voice , and if he does, I have some song requests for him.

Here are a few songs Fredericks should cover next. Based on his past performances, he'd slay these.

1. "You Are The Best Thing" — Ray LaMontagne

ikkegp on YouTube

Fredericks frequently covers LaMontagne's songs, so it's obvious he's a huge fan — and his style works perfectly with LaMontagne's music. This is one of my favorite songs, and I'd love to hear Fredericks' take on it.

2. "Skinny Love" — Bon Iver

yurksemesh on YouTube

Many have covered this song, but it's hard to live up to the original. However, I think Fredericks could totally do it.

3. "Someone New" — Hozier

HozierVEVO on YouTube

This song would be a fun performance for Fredericks, and he could totally create an acoustic version of it to fit his style.

4. "Mess Is Mine" — Vance Joy

Vance Joy on YouTube

Although this song is more upbeat than a lot of what Fredericks chooses to cover, I think he could definitely create his own version that sounds amazing, and that goes for all of Vance Joy's songs.

5. "White Blank Page" — Mumford And Sons

Lilian de V. on YouTube

Emotional and serious, yes, but if any 16-year-old could take it on, it's Fredericks.

6. "The Freshmen" — Verve Pipe

nicdhill on YouTube

The way Fredericks' voice can be so gravely is perfect for taking on this song we all sang along to while driving around in high school. Of course, Fredericks was a baby back then, but I definitely think he can grasp it.

And in the meantime? There are plenty of his covers on YouTube to fall in love with while we wait.