Bernie Sanders Gets A Comic Book Biography

There's a new book about a prominent presidential contender coming — a comic book biography of Bernie Sanders. The book follows successful comic book biographies of other politicians in the presidential nomination race, including Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump. Though I must say a graphic biography of Bernie Sanders seems a tad more appropriate, given his popularity with younger voters.

The comic book is being released by StormFront Entertainment as part of their "Political Power" series, which has featured dozens of politicians — from both political parties — since it began in 2008. The series has always tried to maintain a "journalistic feel," StormFront Entertainment president Darren Davies said in a press release sent to Bustle on Monday. “The goal here is not to proselytize for one party, one candidate, or one point of view. If we are to be successful, we need to balance our stories and provide an even-handed look at our leaders and the process by which they govern…warts and all,” Davis explained in a press release. “These books are a good example of how a comic book can be entertaining and educational.”

Illustrator Joe Paradise, who is drawing the comic and has worked on other titles in the "Political Power" series, said in the press release he was excited to work on the project. “I’m sorry, Mr. Trump, but the Sanders campaign is the most interesting story of this campaign season,” said Paradise.

Here are a few things the books previews tease:

His Mother's Death

Sanders mother died when he was just 18, something the comic takes note of. Though Sanders has made a point not to discuss his family or his background during the campaign, the book might give people more of a sense of these kinds of personal details.

His Socialist Beginnings

In defiance of all usual rules of American politics, Bernie Sanders openly identifies as a socialist, and the comic book appears to delve into how his political leanings first developed.

His Political Conflicts With Both Democrats and Republicans

Sanders, as an independent, has drawn his fair share of criticism from both political parties.

His Support of Barack Obama And Health Care Reform

Sanders has supported many of President Obama's policies, including the Affordable Care Act.

The book will be available in time for the Democratic debate and can be purchased from StormFront Entertainment.