Talvin Could Be Over & Twitter Is Freaking Out

By Kaitlin Reilly

Could Taylor Swift be penning a biting breakup ballad as we speak? If you believe the rumors, she certainly has a reason to. RadarOnline reported on Monday that Swift dumped DJ Calvin Harris after he allegedly visited a Thai massage parlor for more than just a massage. (Just Google the term "happy ending" and you'll get why Swift would have been so pissed — if it's true, that is.) It seems that the evidence for this alleged breakup includes a few photos of Harris leaving said Thai massage parlor, and the world is absolutely freaking the eff out about it. Could the latest It Couple really be over so soon? Could there be a blank space next to Swift's name?! Say it ain't so, RadarOnline.

RadarOnline may be holding steadfast to their claim that Talvin is no more, but there are two people who are seemingly disagreeing here, and that's Harris and Swift themselves. Harris took to Twitter to lash out at the website for publishing false information, stating that he would sue for defamation of character over the "happy ending" RadarOnline wrote for him. Swift reportedly favorited the tweet, so if there was any bad blood between these two (which seems unlikely) Swift seems to at least agree that the RadarOnline story is BS. Though the pop star has stayed silent, Swift's publicist Tree Paine did say not to believe anything the website reported, making me think that this story may have quite a few holes in it.

Of course, the fact that the Talvin rumors might be total BS didn't stop the internet from completely freaking out. Here are Twitter's best reactions to the so-called "news," and it proves that everyone really, really cares about this couple:

Obviously this celebrity couple is very much appreciated, but a word of advice? Take a breather, Swift fans. Until we get word from TayTay herself, it looks like this rumor might be just that.

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