'PLL' Actor Playing Ali's Husband Dr. Rollins Has Been Announced, But What Will This 'PLL' Guy Be Up To?

The liars grew up so fast, didn't they? That much is obvious, of course, considering that Pretty Little Liars is treating fans to a five-year time jump when the show returns. Gone are the days of Cece as A or the girls as Rosewood High School students: instead, when the show returns, the girls will be college grads and running from a brand-new Big Bad. Another crazy development? Alison is a single girl no longer! Ali is married to Elliot Rollins in Season 6B, and it's just one of many jaw-dropping developments we can expect from the next chapter in the liars' lives. While we only had Elliot's name and the fact that he's a doctor to go on when envisioning Ali's husband, that's no longer the case: Deadline reports that Pretty Little Liars has cast Huw Collins as Dr. Rollins, which means we can finally get a glimpse at Ali's new man.

Most of the world will have to wait until the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars air in January to see the actor in action, but we did get a glimpse of Collins as the doctor in the four-minute sneak peak posted online earlier this week. Though Ali and Dr. Rollins do seem to know each other in this clip, they aren't married yet — indicating that this scene is earlier than the final one from Season 6A.

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Here's a cute shot from Collins Instagram posing with his onscreen wife Sasha Pieterse and his offscreen wife Molly Shaheen:

So now that we know what Dr. Rollins looks like, it's time to start thinking about what he'll actually be doing when the show picks up. The sneak peak tells us that he's a doctor somehow involved in Cece (or, rather, Charlotte's) case, and tells Ali that Charlotte will be released from a yet-unknown place. So what else could Dr. Rollins be up to? Here are a few ideas:

1. He's The "He" The Girls Are Running From

We know that the Season 6A finale time jump scene is some time after the above sneak peek, so while relations between Ali and Dr. Rollins may appear friendly, things might not be down the line. We know that the liars come back to Rosewood to protect Ali from a man, and there's no reason why Dr. Rollins should be taken off this suspect list. Perhaps Ali and Dr. Rollins do fall in love and get married, only for Ali's new husband to reveal himself as an ultimate bad guy down the line.

2. He's The Victim Of The Potential Uber A

If there's a new Ali-obsessed A in town, then he's going to want to hit Ali where it hurts. Since her friends are scattered around the globe, her new husband might be the first person A attacks. Could we have another dollhouse situation on our hands?

3. He's Connected To Wren

Hmm... a doctor who pops up out of nowhere and gets with one of the liars? Sounds an awful lot like a Pretty Little Liars guy we already know. Could Dr. Rollins be buds with Wren? Wren is already a top suspect for the "he" that the girls fear, so if they are connected, it won't be good.

4. He's In Cahoots With Cece

Cece may have said "game over" in the Season 6A finale, but wasn't it Cece who also claimed that the same game was like an addictive drug? Mona didn't let go of the black hoodie for a long time, and it wouldn't be that shocking if Cece held on to her plan longer than she originally wanted to. If Cece really is looking to torture the girls again, her doctor might be involved in that same scheme: what better than to have a psychologist who can verify your mental well-being in your corner?

We'll have to wait until 2016 to really get to know Dr. Rollins, but something tells me that he's one character we'll want to keep our eye on. We haven't exactly been fond of any of Ali's other love interests, so here's hoping that this one breaks the mold — or, if not, makes for a very compelling villain.

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