Giorgio Moroder & Britney Spears' "Tom's Diner" Lyric Video Is A Surreal, Coffee-Soaked Adventure

When the Giorgio Moroder and Britney Spears cover of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” made its way onto the World Wide Web back in April, my marbles just about spilled out of my noggin (translation: I fell in love with the song immediately). The combination of the legendary music producer, the legendary pop star, and the legendary song works like a charm: the Moroder and Godney version of “Tom’s Diner” is flat-out terrific. After the cover leaked onto the 'net, Brit Brit stans like yours truly sat in front of our computers with our hands folded in our laps. It's going to be released as a single soon, right? we thought. There's going to be a music video, right? We waited. And waited. And waited some more. Fast-forward to October: the “Tom’s Diner” music video has finally arrived. Erm, wait. That's not right. We're still waiting on the music video. Let me try again: the “Tom’s Diner” lyric video has finally arrived. And it is awesome.

Directed by English animation studio Superbros, the "Tom's Diner" lyric video is a hypnotic, visually compelling clip that takes place in a—you guessed it!—diner. A very surreal, very neon, very ‘80s diner. There are lots of lasers, some weird stuff goes down, I have some questions, etcetera.

Is The Coffee Actually Clone Serum?

That is a damn fine cup of coffee.

What's Going On With This Guy's Face?

You are tripping me out, bro.

What's With Wearing Elbow Pads To A Diner?

Was she worried she might have to elbow her way up to the coffee shop counter? On second thought, I totally understand wearing elbow pads to a diner.

How Do I Make This My Computer's Screensaver?

This is hypnotic in the best way.

Is That An Angry Mustache Or An Angry Frown?

Followup Q: Why is that guy so angry? How could anyone be so angry while kicking it at such a cool diner?

Where'd His Mustache/Mouth Go?

Whoa. He has lasers for eyeballs. Is that why he's so angry? Why would be he angry about that? I mean, I don't think I'd be angry if I had laser beam eyes. Then again, I don't know his life story. I guess I should leave angry laser eyes be.

You can watch the dreamlike vid here:

GiorgioMoroderVEVO on YouTube

Images: GiorgioMoroderVEVO/YouTube (6)