Alexa Trumped Carlos On 'DWTS' With This Milestone

It’s finally happened, you guys! Alexa PenaVega has earned the first perfect score of Dancing With The Stars Season 21! We did it! Well, she and Derek Hough did it. I just sat here, cheering from my couch, but I like to think that that helped. During this week of partner upheaval, Derek was able to cut through all of Alexa’s thinking and get her to just dance, and boy, did she dance. Everyone absolutely loved it.

Last week, Alexa kind of just… fell off her dance at the end. Pro and partner Mark Ballas was so unhappy with her, as she kind of just forgot the end of their routine. He even told Alexa that she could be eliminated that week because of her poor performance. I mean, that had to hurt, especially coming from the person who is supposed to be your biggest cheerleader (besides Alexa’s husband, Carlos, who almost earned a perfect score this week). Encouraged by Derek and the fact that she could get kicked off the show, Alexa and Derek’s tango to “Pompeii” by Bastille was total fire. I didn’t even know what to say during it — it was just that good. So proud that Alexa was able to channel that energy and feed it into keeping her on the stage.

Then the judging came — and the judges were just as impressed as I was! Even Maks, who hasn’t given anyone but his brother a ten during the festivities, gave Alexa and Derek the very first perfect score of the season. Alexa just edged out her husband, too, so I’m sure there will be a little bit of competitiveness there, as well. It’s so inspiring to see a dancer who is flailing really nail the next performance like Alexa did. It shows that she really wants to be there and that she’s certainly not going down without a fight.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC