Barrett Baber Wins His Battle Round On 'The Voice' Season 9 & It Wasn't A Surprise

Monday night's episode finished out with a Team Blake showdown, and Barrett Baber won The Voice Battle Round against Dustin Christensen. It was quite a way to close out the evening; the competition was fierce and the other coaches mocked Blake Shelton for pairing both amazing singers together. Adam Levine pointed out that the "loser" would be up for grabs which worked out really well for the other coaches. "I agree with Adam that it was idiotic to put you two together," Blake admitted after the pair killed Marc Cohn's song "Walking In Memphis."

After declaring the Battle a "tie," Blake eventually crowned Barrett the winner, which was awesome to see. As we learned in the Blind Auditions round, Barrett once survived a tragic accident. Bustle's Jessica Molinari describes it as such: "While on his way to a concert with other members of his choir, the group's plane crashed on a runway. Baber fought to get out of the plane, and to help others out as well, but not everyone survived."

Although the accident was terrible, the teacher has tried to learn from the experience. "You can overcome immense tragedy in your life and still do something great," he said on the show. And, that's exactly what he did when he won his Battle Round.

But, it wasn't all bad news for Dustin. He may not have been picked by Blake, but both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani opted to steal him. Dustin chose Team Adam in the end, and everyone left happy. It was a great way to conclude the show, and I can't wait to see more from both the talented singers as the show goes on.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC (2)